I need advice, life is so F'd up right now -HELP!!!!


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Great thought to ask GEICO for info! I would likely never have thought of that. All you can do is keep on keeping on, Know what I mean??

As for Billy and his speakerphone with Cory, leaving the room is good. The very next time you see Billy, very calmly and NOT in a rant or rage type voice, tell him that you do NOT want to speak to or hear from Cory, and that the results of putting his phone on speaker with Cory will be unpleasant if he does that again. Tell him flat out that it is manipulative to do that and you will not react well the next time.

Then plan what you will do when he pulls that speakerphone koi again. Don't do permanent damage to the phone. Why? It will be expensive to replace and legally you would have to. I would personally WANT to dump something on Billy's head the next time he pulls that koi. It might be my coke, or water,or the trash or something sitting in the kitchen that was not hot or heavy enough to harm him. Or I would take the phone if he was dumb enough to put it down and I would hang it up and then lock it or take the battery out and refuse to give it back so long as he was on my property.

If I took the time to think and plan ahead, I would set up the stereo with music the kids loathe and play it at full volume the second that speakerphone koi started up. I learned years ago that I could get Wiz to stop a lot of things, at least for a little while, by playing Barney music or certain county or pop songs. It was better than beating him or screaming.

I think the music might get you farther in the long run in teaching Billy to stop with the speaker koi. Why? It is legal, you cannot be arrested for damaging property the way you could if you put the phone in a cup of water or the toilet,you don't have to listen to them while you have the music on, and you can set up the stereo or speakers or computer ahead of time. If nothing else, go find some of those little speakers to plug into the computer or mp3 player. think about what Billy likes to listen to, and what he doesn't like. Heck, if gregorian chants or train whisles or bagpipes are known to irritate him, search online for those sounds and use those! I bet he will get the message after a time or two. If he and Tony want to talk to Cory on speakerphone, they can do it somewhere else as it is time for Mom to sing and dance right at that moment.

Why let Billy chase you from your home by trying to force you to listen to someone you want zero contact with? That simply isn't acceptable,in my opinion. But you have to be careful to not break or damage his phone because that will only make things worse. I can suggest some songs if you like.


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I have told Billy that if I want to talk to Cory I will get in touch with him. And I have seen Cory once...he saw my truck at the grocery store and brought the baby in to find me. I happened to be standing in the check out line and he paid for my groceries with his food stamp card. I said Thank You, reminded him about the local Easter Egg hunt and left. He tried to yell at me as I was leaving that he loved me but I just kept going.

Honestly I know Cory loves me but he isnt making good choices at the moment. I dont have to be a part of his life while he is acting this way. I really think that if I am unavailable it will hurt him more than anything. He has obviously forgotten how he felt when I almost died. That is when he did a major change in his attitude.