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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Big Bad Kitty, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Check with your YWCA for Childcare Resource and Referral. They should have a program for low income (if indeed you are) where they pay for a portion of your child care to any facility (Kindercare, etc) and you pay a portion. Most of those places also bus to and from school.
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    Many school districts have before and after care right on the school premises. Call the school district.

    As far as 'things that need to be purchased" I assume you mean household things. Hit the Salvation Army, Good will thrift stores. There is also a wonderful web community called freecycle.org. They have a bulletin board of sorts where you can post things that you need or need to give away. I have gotten some beautiful baby clothes for my granddaughter that way. And I have given away boxes of very good used books. Check it out.

    I don't know what your finances are - but there are some great lease deals for new cars. Just be sure to read the small print.
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    Isn't there that website, freecycle.com or something? You might be able to find some stuff there!

    Don't be scared - think of it as a new adventure! Plus it's someplace that you can decorate the way YOU want!


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    Sounds like you are getting some good answers. I'm glad Christmas is taken care of. That would be a huge relief for me. Hopefully you will get calls back and everything will fall into place. Sounds like you are determined to make it work and that determination will take you far.
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    St. Vincent DePaul!

    They have furniture (at a discount, sometimes free) and to my knowledge, they have a car program as well!
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    The state of ohio provides vouchers for low income families for 1500.00 toward a car, once every year, if they qualify. It's through Job and Family Services. You might want to see if there is a program like that in your area.
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    If there is child care available at the school, it can be free. Several children at the school where I work have forms from the government and don't pay. Check with the program director. Also, several kids are "bussed" from their school to ours to use the program (Theirs doesn't have one) I know of one who is "free".-Alyssa