I went to the most interesting event tonite!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Aug 25, 2007.

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    And it was completely non-difficult child related...lol.

    Our local country music station held an Annual Songwriters Show...evidently the 3rd...and they had 3 of the big name writers and one local guy who is really breaking into the scene in a big way. It was fantastic! They have written some of the number 1 songs we have all heard on the radio and that have won awards.

    Songs such as <u>Life Happened</u>,<u>Must be doing something right</u>, <u>Pick up Man</u>, <u>Prop Me up beside the jukebox when I die</u>,and <u>Almost Home</u> just for starters.

    The songwriters I saw where Jason Matthews, Kerry Kurt Phillips, Tim Johnson, and Bobby Pinson. Not only were they so very good writers but they could sing and they were funny as all get out! They were on a small stage and they had great personalities and interacted with the audience so well. It was a great time.

    All this for a grand total of ten bucks a piece! Im going again next year!!!
  2. 1905

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    Wow, that sounds like fun! You needed a night like that! -Alyssa
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    That's so awesome! I'm glad you got to get out and have a great time! :smile:

    Reminds me of when I was a teen. Mom was with her 3rd husband and he'd take us to these out in the middle of nowhere joints to see Roy Clark, The Oak Ridge Boys, Statler Bros, ect. It cost next to nothing and we always had front row seats! Me and my camera was busy. lol And I was always amazed at how great the performers always were with the audience, which actually was quite small.

    Never did figure out why such big name stars were in dinky dives like that though. But my stepdad always knew where to go.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Now see, I would have LOVED that. Did you know that Toby Keith is my boyfriend? That's OK, he doesn't know it either.

    Glad you got to get out and enjoy some fun and music! You deserved it!
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    That sounds like a great night out!! I think the songwriters are so talented - and we hardly ever would even recognize their names if we met them. (My Dad loved the "prop me up beside the jukebox" song!!)

    Sounds like a fun night. And, the price was right, too.

    Glad you got to go to this - can be an annual night out to look forward to!
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    He co-wrote this fabulous song called That's What Mama's Do

    Here are the words...it is being played locally and you can hear it if you go to his myspace page and follow thru I think...lol.

    She’ll change a dirty diaper, wipe a runny nose
    Get a two day purple koolaid stain right out of your clothes
    And she'll put her last spare dollar under your pillow, when you lose a tooth
    She'll bust down your door and drag, you out of bed
    Make you sit right next to her in church, wearing your Sunday best
    And when she bows her head to pray, you can bet she's saying one for you

    That's what mamas do

    They raise you, ground you Build their whole world around you
    With no care for the hell they'll go through

    That's what mamas do

    She'll keep up with all your girlfriends, scare off the ones she hates
    She'll get a new grey hair and a wrinkle to spare every time you come home late
    And when you leave to chase that dream, she's gonna cry when she walks by your empty room
    She'll call and sing you happy birthday, when everybody else forgets
    On your wedding day, she'll joke and say, “Hey, where are my grandkids”
    Oh, and when she finally gets 'em she'll spoil 'em rotten the way her mama did with you

    That's what mamas do

    They raise you, ground you
    Build their whole world around you
    And they'll carry the weight of your world too

    That's what mamas do

    But she'll get old and fragile, and the end will come too soon
    And she'll let go and you'll hold on, the way all children do
    And you'll miss her, mourn her Leave pretty flowers for her
    And you'll cry like the baby she knew
    And she'll hear you, guide you And pray the light finds you
    She'll never stop watching over you
    Oh, until you're up there, too

    That's what mamas do