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    That's what it says in difficult child's IEP. Teacher keeps arguing with me when I finally get sick of it and staple together 5+ assignments that are either fully completed or partially completed and write a note on them for him to accept. What should I do?
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    If this is a gen ed teacher?... is there a sp ed teacher who helps support his mainstream classes? that is who I would talk to first, if this is a sp ed teacher then I would contact the counselor or principal, if still not working with you contact the sp ed director for the district.

    So sorry they are giving you a hard time, if that district spent as much effort teaching as they do jerking around parents...

  3. Jules71

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    Exactly, Nancy! This is his Gen. Ed teacher. He sent back home all the partially completed assignments with FINISH written in red across the top. This is what he said in response to my email:

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    Oh. My. Word!!!!!!! Grrrrrr... Tell him to get a copy of the IEP then. Something he should already have. Holy COW!!!

    I'd forward a copy of email to sped director and ask how the IEP can possibly be followed if teachers do not have copies of it. That right there is a huge violation, that the teacher has already admitted. In writing.

    Hope you have a binder and you're keeping hard copies of this stuff. Really, I cannot believe he put in writing that he needs to see a copy of the IEP.... unbelievable.
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    Frustrating!!! I would be emailing so you have record of what you are saying. I would write the teacher and cc the Special Education teacher, principal, etc... each time it happens.
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    They should be modifying so difficult child knows exactly what he has to do. Maybe the general ed teacher thinks the Special Education teacher has okay ed it?
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    They won't modify the length because they know he is capable of doing it and they think he just chooses to take forever to do it. Again, they are treating him as if he is just defiant and not someone with disabilities.
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    I have asked his gen ed and spec teachers to make sure he puts his name, date, and due date on each of his assignments. Do you think that is happening? Their attitude = it's his responsibility.
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    I would send the principal a note requesting that teacher receive a copy of child's IEP as the information has not been made available, also briefly describing the difficulties your child is having with completing the assignments.

    I'm trying to remember how we worded it in my youngest IEP, something along homework will be limited to what average student can complete in 5 minutes for each class, Angel's was worded incomplete work instructor will only grade portion completed.

    These were both from high school in elementary school had "no homework" written into the IEP. Angel was such a handful back then there was never time I could spend with one kid working on homework. Many nights spent at the crisis center or house full of cops. Had a 7yo who started cutting herself (to let the pain out) stressing over homework! - That her big sister would have torn up if she tried to do.

    In middle school they started putting youngest in "academic support" class 6th hour - her 1on1 with sp ed teacher during her planning hour to complete homework or finish classwork or tests from that day. That has worked best of all and still doing it (11th grade now) the nice part is sp ed teacher (not me) is responsible for helping her stay current in her mainstream classes and when they pile something on her she can't handle the sp ed teacher is the one having this argument with the gen ed teacher.

    If any of this would help you use it, and don't feel alone many parents have fought this same battle.

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    Realized my above post got twisted into not making sense the way that the 5 minute per class thing worked was if she couldn't complete it in 20 minutes with a sp ed teacher right there keeping her on task it was confirmation that the assignment was too long. Hope that helps clarify.
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    Well I did it - I sent a letter to the district sped dept. I don't want to get anyone in trouble but I am beyond sick of this. Let's hope something good comes of this. My son actually stopped mid sentence today when telling me something about school and when I finally pulled it out of him he told me he doesn't want to tell me things anymore because his teachers will make things worse for him at school. I KNEW they were messing with him. I will not stop fighting and advocating for him. I have two binders full and have never been more organized with anything in my life! They are messing with the wrong mama bear!
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    Oh Jules...

    Retaliation is one of the hardest things in the world to prove because it's our kids' word versus the so-called adults', but it *does* happen.

    Personally, I would request another IEP meeting now, specifically to address 3 things:
    - Not all teachers have copies of his IEP.
    - The homework issue.
    - Your son's perception that when you make waves, the teachers are harder on him.

    At the very least, you will be putting the district on notice that you are aware of some very serious procedural issues (the lack of IEP distribution and therefore their failure to follow it) and potential retaliation directed toward your son.

    And I want you to *really* work on changing your mindset. You are not getting "anyone in trouble." You are fighting for your son to receive FAPE in LRE and you are currently dealing with a district that is not holding up their end of the bargain, legally. I cannot begin to tell you how quickly the next few years are going to pass - he will be 18 or 21 before you know it, and now is most definitely the time to make sure that he is receiving appropriate education and services.

    I called at least a couple IEP meetings where I started them off with the very simple question - basically, is the education and IEP process meant to ensure my kid's appropriate education, or is it a power struggle between them and me? With 1 sped director in particular, it was absolutely the latter. And all you can do, if it is a pi**ing contest, is document meticulously and call them, in writing (certified letter), on every single violation of IEP. It can be exhausting and morally crushing, but remember the goal - to make sure difficult child is given the opportunity to obtain an education.

    Utilize the PAVE folks. And I wouldn't hesitate to start cc:ing the state dept of ed. Obviously things may have changed in the 20+ years since I was up there, but the dept of ed was actually a decent resource back then.

    Stay strong!! Hugs.
  13. justour2boys

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    Have you thought about writing a comment (in ink) directly on the assignment paper?

    "This assignment was not modified in accordance with IEP, therefore not completed. Your Signature/date".

    Then keep a copy and have son turn in original. Enough of these situations and the gen ed teacher and Special Education teacher will get the message. Plus you will have very specific documentation for your files.
  14. Jules71

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    I got a reply from the district that he will be addressing my concerns soon. I believe he will too. When I contacted him on another issue yesterday with the school psychiatric not getting me the disciplinary records after 2+ requests - he called her and I received a reply from her within 30 mins. I agree it is a good idea to cc the dept of ed. I have everything in writing and all the documentation I need. They know it too after we had the re-evaluation meeting.

    I have written those words directly on his assignments in previous years (it always embarrassed difficult child) - but I will start doing it again going forward. Good advice all - thank you!!

    I just wonder how they can take him out of his reading group and decide that is when he will do work completion without discussing it with me. He is in enrichment reading not intervention so maybe that is why they feel he can skip reading group altogether.
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    difficult child had a dr appointment today too and he has gained 30+ lbs since August. He hasn't really been eating more since discontinuing medications and he is way more active so I am not sure what is up with that. Pre-puberty growth spurt?? Got an rx for Strattera - need to think about it. Will read/post in Malika's thread.
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    My oldest is using Straterra, let me know if you want a Moms experience... the good and the so-so.
  17. Jules71

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    Yes, of course I would love any info or opinions you have about it!