IEP meeting, part 3!!

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    Hi family,

    As I started in Stella's post about her difficult child's IEP, Aly's IEP was FINALLY fully attended this past Friday by her Gen Ed teacher and everyone else who is involved in her education.

    She is in Gen Ed about 45% of her day right now and likes PE and Art, but the rest is so far over her head it is heart breaking. The team reports that she is not nearly as panicky daily as she was, but husband and I told them how she is falling apart at home again and begging to not have to go to the Gen Ed class anymore.

    They asked me to ask her when/where she feels the most comfortable and happy. She says her resource room and when she is "tutoring" a VERY special needs 7 yo girl. She started crying and begged me to ask them to let her stay in the resource room or the SDC all day long except for PE and Art, which she does enjoy with her same age peers.

    I have reported this to them and they will consider some sort of move as soon as the assessment is completed. We told them that she is holding it together so tight at school and does not talk to her same age peers as she is afraid she will sound "stupid" or start stuttering. This heart breaks me but I agree with her, I think she needs to be in the SDC. She feels confident in there and if she is not confident there will be NO learning going on!

    The Gen Ed teacher said that she has not noticed any stuttering lately. When I asked Aly about this she said "Mom, that's because I just don't ever talk at school anymore", how sad is that? I guess they enjoy her so much because she doesn't open her mouth?? They did admit that when put in small groups in the Gen Ed class, she does not participate, she is more on the edges and only engages if she absolutely has to. We told them that is entirely NOT her nature, that she is usually a leader and very much involved, when she is feeling confident and not overwhelmed.

    We shared that she has had several seizures lately at home and out and about, the school nurse said she will try to observe her during different parts of her day to see if she sees any. It helps that her daughter has the same type of seizure disorder so hopefully, if Aly is having any at school, this will be addressed.

    Anyways, looks like more assessments are in order and more discussions as to what a good placement should look like.

    Fun, fun, fun!! NOT!!!

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    Is Aly still in the self contained class of any kind? My difficult child is in what they call "Functional Academics". Last year and half the year before it was great for her. difficult child is in this class for everything except Science and Social Studies. If she needs extra help in Science or Social studies she either has an aid from the FA room or they send her back to the FA room entirely. Just depends on her needs at the time. She isn't in Resource at all now.

    My difficult child seems to have seizures the most when she is stressed or feeling anxious. Sounds like that is happening to Aly.

    It breaks my heart to hear she isn't talking at all. :sad: My difficult child couldn't be quiet if her life depended on it. :hammer:

    You might also consider getting an Alphasmart for her. It is REALLY helping my difficult child.

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    Did you get the SD to pay for the Alphasmart or is that something out of our pockets?

    Also, do you know if there is something like that for math? That is where she is really struggling!

    Thanks for the email but I can't open the link?!?! Probably my silly puter!

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    OK, I found an HTML format of what I wanted to send.

    Functional Academics Class: Special education and related services for students with mild or moderate cognitive impairments. The curriculum focuses on training and instruction in functional daily living skills. This program prepares students in the essential skills curriculum (TEKS) with a concentration on socialization and vocational areas that will enable the student to function independently in society

    I bought the Alphasmart. It was only $200. Other board members have had the school district pay for them. I just didn't want to have to beg and plead forever before she finally got one so I just purchased it myself.

    Is there any difference in Aly's work on paper and computer? My difficult child does much better with Math and other subjects on the computer than paper. Not sure why.

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    Some kids do better on computer than on paper because the whole process of writing is different than the other thinking processes going on. Other kids are the other way. A big part of an effective education is figuring how someone learns best and pitching new ideas to them in ways they can understand them.

    Glad the alphasmart was helpful for S.

    I hope you can get Aly moved. Just because the teacher enjoys her is NOT a reason to have her stay in a class. I had the hardest time getting this through to our SD.