"If" - A Poem Of Autism

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    Pulled this out of a MySpace bulletin this morning and thought I'd share ~

    Merry Christmas :rudolph:

    If I could change one thing for you,
    I thought that it would be
    That God would give you words to say
    So you would talk to me

    But then I wondered, If instead
    I’d rather see your eyes
    I’m certain that the key to you
    Is hidden deep inside

    Again, I thought and wondered still
    If maybe it was best
    That you could follow my instructions
    Then I could take a rest

    Or better still for you to give
    A kiss upon my cheek
    So you could say “I love you”
    Even though you can not speak

    But then…I thought again
    The answer clear to see
    And realized that I am wrong
    The one to change… is me

    For when you need to speak
    And when I need to hear
    Your actions tell me volumes
    Your “words” are loud and clear

    Instead of wishing for what is not
    And wasting precious time
    I’d rather treasure what we have
    And be thankful you are mine

    Within my heart I know one truth
    Although at times it seems
    My faith grows weak and tired
    My mind consumed with dreams

    I know you are a gift from God
    And I will help you grow
    To be the person that you should
    And this… the truth I know

    Each day will come just as it should
    And one challenge that will be
    For you to know…I believe in you
    Please continue to believe in me

    I love you

    Written April 26, 2003
    By: Julie Holcomb, mother of Cody and Zack
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    That's beautiful. Thank you for posting it.