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    a psychiatric hospital or residential placements, such as a suspected violation or wrong doing here is what you can do.

    1. Start by contacting your local NAMI branch and see if anyone else has had problems. You may find out that there have been other problems just by speaking to other parents/families (if it's an adult). If you you have other mental health groups in your area ask around to them too (Federation of Families, etc. You can often find links to resources on NAMI's page of your chapter or on any of the other local chapters of what ever group you have as well).

    2. Report it to your local mental health office for the county it's in. Usually found in/under "Department of Public Welfare- mental health".

    3. If it's serious enough then take it up with the OMSAS office locally/state! (Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    They WILL listen. They WILL take the report. What they will do is an investigation. They will go in and check files as well see what all was going on at the time. The OMSAS office and to some degree the lower office is in charge of licensing too. Often they will do this the SAME day report is taken depending on the time you call!