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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by saving grace, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. saving grace

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    Hi everyone, for those of you who remember us I thought I would post an update as to whats going on in our lives. I cant even remember when the last time I logged on, it must be over an a year or so, right around the same time that Antsmom left I guess.

    D has been amazing! He is still in his program, he still takes suboxone but has weaned down from 16mgs to 4mgs. He works 2 sometimes 3 jobs, saves money, has the same girlfriend. stays home all the time. We have game nights, family dinners. He picks his sister up from school and watches her 3 days a week ( he works nights). He has a car and pays his bills. He has had NO run ins with the law except for getting pulled over once for not completly stopping at a stop sign but did not get ticketed because he did slow and almost stopped ( so he said) but he got a warning.
    November 17th will be one year sober. He relapsed a couple of weeks last year but called his doctor and reported to his program and has been on track every since. He has been in this program for almost 2 years. I am so so so very proud of him. Right now I love my life!

    I wanted to thank everyone here for being there for me during those dark times, I dont know what I would have done without you.

    For anyone out there who is just starting this journey, hang in there, it can get better. Dont give up, do whats best for you and take care of yourself.

    Love ya
  2. standswithcourage

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    HI - Can you tell me about Suboxone? My son is wanting to go to a clinic for treatment for pain pills. However, he still is using pot and alcohol. How will that work for him? I would like to hear from you about your sons program. thanks
  3. saving grace

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    Stands, Suboxone is a wonderful drug when used properly. It is also very powerful and addictive. If your son is abusing opiates then the Suboxone will help him, he will have to be guided by a doctor trained in treating with Suboxone. It will not do anything to help him with alcohol and pot. If he is being treated by a doctor in a suboxone program they will drug test him and if he is using anything they will most likely not treat him. My son is drug tested weekly and has been for almost 2 years. Also if he is still using alcohol and pot then he is not ready to start his road to recovery and that means that Suboxone is not for him.
    Suboxone is very powerful, it is also very addictive. Some addicts buy it on the street if they can not get their drug of choice because it will stop them from feeling the sick withdrawals from not using. My son is a different person. He is my son again. It took a while but he has come full circle all while taking suboxone. He likes his doctor, he abides to their rules and doesnt use any other drugs or alcohol.

    If he has insurance it should cover it. If not then it can be very expensive. Most doctors treating with suboxone will expect more than just giving out the prescription, they will have a program that should be followed, such as meetings, drug tests, counseling etc...
    Its a great drug if used properly.

    if you need more details let me know what I didnt cover.

  4. standswithcourage

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    Thanks Grace. Was your sons program outpatient or inpatient? My son has never had good results with outpatient. I am just not sure about it for him. I agree with you about hiim not being serious. He seems to feel he NEEDS the klonopin for his nerves and some kind of sleep aid. He will still probably use alcohol - whats to stop him - I am concerned aabout it - he called me today all upset that he really wants to go to this clinic - but however he doesnt have any money and I believe it costs $275 or something like that - it is just if he does what they tell him to do - if not - I dont know how it will work - he will get addicted to that too and then I will be helping him by paying for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. saving grace

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    What is his drug of choice? Klonopin is not an opiate? It wont help him for that. My sons program is outpatient, Suboxone is a drug you would take for a long time, I have never seen it in an inpatient environment.
    Does he have insurance? Have him call around to clinics that might accept free care. If it were me I would pay for it if I thought he was serious. but to take suboxone and still take other drugs just shows that he is not ready to live sober.
    Have you discussed with him that if he starts this program that he will have to live drug free? they will test him? It couldnt hurt to try it, go with him and see the program for yourself, get the information first hand. My sons program is a family based program, they call me and discuss his care with me. It works for us.
    I have never been able to deny my son help if he wanted to try something, you never know when it will be the time that works.
  6. gottaloveem

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    I don't come on much at this time, but I came to check in the other day and found out Damnit Janet is very sick, so I come on daily to check to see how she is doing.
    I'm so glad to hear that your son is doing well. Tell him this board auntie is very proud of him. He finally had enough of the life he was living and he decided to change.

    I remember the brief time Alex was clean. I was just starting to see the ole' Alex shine through, I remember really enjoying that. Your signature has said for the longest time, "that you are still waiting for the man you raised to let go of the monster inside of him." I think you are there, now it is time to change your signature.

    I'm so glad he is doing well. Enjoy the normality of your life now.

  7. DDD

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    What a lovely post! I'm so happy that you all have found the light at the end of the tunnel. Sending smiles and hugs of support. DDD
  8. KFld

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    What a wonderful update. I don't post here often anymore, but I do come on once in a while to check in and see how everyone is doing and give an update myself.
    My son has been clean for 2 years thankfully due to suboxone. He is in the process of weening himself off of it now and I know it is not an easy process, but I have read it is possible.
    I am so glad you have your old son back. Mine is doing well, living with his girlfriend, not the old wingnut, but a new nice girl that he has been with for over a year now, and he's working and supporting himself. I don't see him much. The only problem I really have with him, and it's not a new one, is that he is pretty anti-social, so he sticks to himself and just kind of works and hangs out. I know that is much better then being out partying, but I hope someday he becomes more comfortable around people. I'm jealous of your game night :) I would love a one night a month dinner night!

    Again, so glad to hear things are going so well. I know what a great feeling it is.
  9. everywoman

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    Wow, what a great update. I remember so well the pain you lived through. I'm glad things are so much better.
  10. lovemysons

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    Hi Grace,
    Your update sounds awesome. My mom was Just talking to me this morning about my family trying to come together at least once a week for a nice sit down dinner.
    You do sound Very Happy.

    Thanks for checking in with the good news.

    TYLERFAN New Member

    I am so Happy for your family.
    There is Hope

  12. Ephchap

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    What a great update. Thank you so much for coming here to share. It helps others, as you and I remember all too well, to hear that there can be a happy time once again. Things are going well for my son and our family right now too, but I have never forgotten how bad things were, and how much I would cling to the success that others would post.

    A great big hug to you and yours. Another proud auntie here !