i'm alive

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by guest3, Aug 28, 2007.

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    just checking in. I am alive.
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    Alive is a very good place to be :smile:

    As far as hubby goes, he is a big boy - I have to assume he knows he has a job, he knows where he currently is at, he knows he hasen't shown up at that job, and he knows how to use a phone to call them.

    I would suggest that you, when it settles down, get the boys into some family counceling. I had to do that when I had my boys father removed from the house due to abuse to our difficult child - I went first for myself and when it was time for them to go, the therapist warned me that they were gonna be really angry at ME for having him removed even though on some level they knew it was the best thing for all concerned - they had to have someone to take their anger out on, and I was going to be their whipping boy - and sure enough thats exactly what happened =

    I had the court order counceling for their father that he had to go to if he wanted to see difficult child and that the visits be supervised- his brother was able to have visits unsupervised - I even offered to pay for counceling but needless to say, not one session was attended by dad.

    Am wishing you tons of good luck - I know its hard being a single parent to difficult child(s) but I think it will be much better for your boys in the long run not to have to deal with an abusive alcoholic.

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    Well, it's done and the good thing is that husband is actually in rehab. Hopefully, it will stick. Now that you are moved in, it's time to move on. Pick your chin up and look at the bright blue sky today and say "everything is going to be okay."
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    Glad to hear the move is over and he is in rehab. Thinking of you and sending calming thoughts to get you thru the next few months.....
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    glad you are moved. Now you get to begin anew, it's not a bad place to be. D/h is a big boy and will have to fufill his own obligations. You worry and you and the boys - I think Marcie gave good advise when she recommended counceling.

    Hang in there.

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    thank you all,