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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MammaB, Oct 14, 2010.

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    After repeated tries to login after losing my password, etc. I decided to re-register! I was active on this board two years or so ago.

    Since that time my older daughter's behavior/mood has seriously deteriorated. She has a major tantrum about once a month (first week of every month for the last 5) and now in the last month frequently throughout the month but shorter duration. The tantrums include out-of-control flailing, kicking, hiting head against back of seat in car (if in car), kicking herself off so her whole body is bouncing off her mattress horizontally if in bed.

    If I intervene or make physical contact with her to restrain her from hurting herself she kicks, hits and has attempted biting me. She has thrown laundry, emptied her drawers, threatened to throw heavier objects at me. She gets loud and beligerent and has recently decided I am not her real mother anyway and she "doesn't care" and "doesn't have to listen to me". "I don't care" is her new fave phrase and her volume suddenly increases 100% when angry.

    What happened to my beautiful, soft spoken child? She seems angry and unhappy most of the time and is suddenly not going to sleep up to two hours after lights out. The arguing with and shouting at her sister is at an all time high.

    She saw the psychiatrist last Wed. who has concerns about her taking Concerta. Says there are mood issues but has sent me for lab tests and left me to wonder for the next three weeks what her diagnosis will be. Today I met the therapist in the same clinic with the psychiatrist and she tells me they are recommending her for a different level of "more intensive service", but waiting to confirm the transfer.

    Meanwhile, the younger daughter is prone to bouts of crying for up to 45 minute sofr no known reason and I myself think perhaps I need a good cry. I am filled with a mixture of anger and sadness in addition to the stress of being presently unemployed and in a less than ideal living situation.

    I'm glad I have somewhere to come and vent about this...
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    Welcome back MammaB!

    Glad you have found your way back to us! There is nothing that helps me navigate gfgdom as knowing I am not alone!

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    Welcome back.
    Were your children exposed to any drugs or alcohol before they were born? How old were they when you adopted them?
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    The girls have been with me for 5 years...hard to believe! I think bio mom was at the tail end of her drug abuse with my older girl. The older ones father was also a "crackhead" reportedly and has a long history of arrests. She did test neg at birth.

    They didn't test with the younger one as there was no suspicion. Bio mom is reportedly bi polar which I know places them at risk for this. Younger one was subjected to extreme neglect in the short 18 mos she was with bio mom. My older daughter was in and out of a dozen or more foster homes up to the age of 5 and lived with her alcoholic great grandfather who was at best "inappropriate" with her...