I'm exhausted, and he's still choosing aggression

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tumbleweed, Feb 1, 2008.

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    I've tried everything, I can think of, to help my oppositional defiant, mood disorder, thought disorder son, but nothing has worked. He continues to hurt teachers and students. Today, he scratched his teacher in the face. He is already part of the behavior program, at school. He has not hit double digits, age-wise.

    Help! What kind of psychologist works specifically with this type of child? I'm at wits-end !!!:pouting:
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    How old is your son? Have you ever had him evaluated by a psyciatrist and/or had neuropsychological testing done? It sounds like it might take a little more than seeing a psychologist, at least at first. Not that I can diagnose or tell you what treatment you need, but it usually takes several efforts from different people to help our kids.

    Have you read The Explosive Child? It might relieve some of your frustration and offers some strategies for dealing with these issues while still establishing peace and order.

    By the way- Welcome! Others will come along and offer more suggestions- it will help if you'll give a little more history and details about your son.
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    Hi there. I highly recommend doing a signature, like I did below. I don't think a psychologist can help a child who is acting out to that degree. I think you need a Psychiatrist (with the MD) and probably medication. It's possible a new evaluation would help and for that I recommend a neuropsychologist.
    Here are my thoughts on your son's behavior based ONLY on the little I know. (JMO)
    If he really has mood and thought disorders, he is a really sick child and is NOT choosing to be "bad." He is unstable and needs maybe a new psychiatrist or different medications. Does he hallucinate--hear voices in his head, see things? Who diagnosed him and what kind of help is he getting now? Aggressive kids are that way for various reasons so the more you can tell us, the more we can help you.
    Others will be along soon. By the way...welcome :)
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    A lot of behavior isn't a choice. When someone has a stomach virus, we don't accuse them of chosing to vomit. When a child has a malfunctioning brain, he may have no more control over his aggressive behavior than a child with a malfunctioning stomach has over her vomiting behavior.
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    I tried to post this shortly after you originally posted but for some reason it told me your post had been moved? But here it is back. So, I will try this again.
    I wanted you to know that I feel for you, when my difficult child was in public school he was the same way. It was very very hard, especially for him, he would come home exhausted. Sometimes our difficult child are just not able to be in a public school situation. Once my difficult child started going to a private special school, things calmed down considerably for him. It takes teachers who are specifically extensively trained in neurological disorders to truly understand our difficult child's and also to have compassion for them. I don't think they intentialy choose to be "bad" but they act out when they aren't feeling safe or understood. I urge you to look deeper and to hold some PET meetings with your school, if things aren't working out it is their responsiblity to find a place that can truly help your son.
    Good luck
    PS is your son currenlty diagnosed with anything?
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    Most have us have found that ODD does not stand alone. Evaluation seems to be key for you right now. it does sound like there may be more going on than anyone realizes. I would also say pschiatrist over psychologist. I know how exhausted and frustrated you must be. Do both of you a favor and have him evaluated. JMO