I'm not nuts (I swear!) - UFO sighting here *pics*


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Some one I know called earlier leaving me a freaking out scared witless near hysterical message. Showed up here shortly after showing me pics taken by lake near my house where they were sitting having a coffee watching end of sunset. I kid you not everyone, 9 of the best UFO pics I have ever seen. I am a skeptic, I don't fall for pics on t.v. or documentaries or the net. But I tell you, this person was literally show shaken I can't explain it and these pics were taken by this person. One is a live cam shot of it moving. Other 8 pics are of this massive massive shimmering bright UFO, so low over the lake and yet not a single sound!! It is obvious this person was shaking after the first couple pics!! I'd have been screaming I think.

Anyone know anything about this kind of stuff? This person wants to do something with these pics and is hoping other ppl will report sightings. But he doesn't want someone to just shove pics under rug, and I can't blame this person. These pics are crazy and if I hadn't seen it happen with them at my door like this and the pics on the phone myself, I'd have thought it was a load of hooey. I'm that way, just dont' believe what I see.


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I wouldn't publish the pics. If it is a government experiment, they will never admit to it. If it is a real UFO, they still won't. Either way your friend looks like a quack. I wouldn't do it.


P.S. Did your friend have his tin foil hat on? :flower:


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LMAO no tin foil hat

There is concern about looking like a quack holding this person from sending the photos to someone (but who anyhow???). Honestly, if I was reading this on here I'd be having a chuckle myself. But I kid you not, these photos are nuts! This isn't just a bright light that could be easily explained etc. This can't be a star etc, it was huge, colored, strange shimmering around it, and when I say huge, I mean huge. It was really enough to shake me up quite a bit, me, a total and complete skeptic/non-believer.


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I can't help but laugh at this post. BUT, I've seen a UFO and thank G*D husband was with me along with another couple for verification or I would have thought I was crazy. We all stood there with our mouths hanging open and no one had the sense to run for a camera. We were sitting on a deck having a cocktail, it was summmer, warm, quiet, dark, and overlooking a lake. This HUGE whatever came up from over the roof of the house, flying low, and had a little hum, but no engine sound or such and was shaped like a boomerang outlined with an orange glow. We were living in Nebraska at the time. It was quite unnerving, but we didn't feel threatened, just didn't know what it was. And NO we'd not had too much too drink! The neighbor saw the same thing since he was on his deck at that precise moment. Weird, I tell ya........


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Weird indeed. I thought I saw something strange once, and other nieghbours next day said they did too, but I discounted it in my mind to something military near airport or something. Like I said, I'm a skeptic. I would love to get these pics emailed, I'm hoping to have them today if this person figures out how to send them from their camera phone to email. If I do, I'll put them somewhere on the net and put a link here. Maybe you super sleuths can solve this mystery and debunk this. Figure out it was somehow explainable? I would like that, as even today I have the photos etched in my mind and they are pretty freaky.


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I believe there is an independent UFO organization that is made up primarily of scientists who study sightings and compile info.
It is not part of the government. on the other hand it is not a committee formed at the National Enquirer either! LOL.

If I were in your friends shoes I probably would go to the library and research the research groups until I found one that
I believed was entirely credible. Then, I would probably share
with that group for the sake of providing scientific data.

I am VERY glad, however, that it was not me! DDD

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UFO - Unidentified Flying Object

This doesn't necessarily mean "alien" in origin. (although a possibility) It means you have no knowledge of what it is you saw.

Ok, this is NOT something I talk about. But a few years back my neighbors and I used to sit out on our porches every night in nice weather. One night while we're chatting away we notice my neighbor's eyes have drifted up to the night sky and he's stopped paying attention to the conversation. So we look to see what he's looking at. Dumbfounded we watch as this huge SILENT cigarish shape covered in a waistband of lights moves thru the sky right above our heads. Then suddenly it stops dead in the sky. Then zooms backward so fast it was unreal. The next thing we know it takes off like a rocket straight up until it's completely out of sight. Still, it hasn't made a SOUND the entire time.

We got a close enough look at it to be certain it wasn't a plane or blimp, not a weather balloon. What it WAS is still a mystery.

I won't jump to conclusions. We live not far from an air force base that is known for testing top secret air craft. But it sure was something I've never seen in the air before.


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The purple'ish color was a :censored2: up with this persons new camera phone, trying to adjust focus to ensure clear photos and messed up the color a bit. Said they watched it for over 20 minutes.


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that stinks, my friend said the same thing but i can see them fine on my computer Maybe try without the www? Just http: ???
I will try to load them somewhere else if nobody else can get them to view

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I could see it just fine from the first link, too. Good pictures. Sort of resembles what I saw with the neighbors, except it was dark so comparing is a bit tough. Does your friend know what the stream of light that is around it in some of the pics happens to be?


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there is a website called space.com

maybe you could send copies of the pics over to them and they may

be able to tell you what it is.

If there is a logical explanation, I think they will know it.

It might be something called a sun dog:


Good luck, let us know if you find anything out.


I was able to see the pictures. Mysterious. But I have to believe it has an explanation.


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I've always been curious about this sort of things but the scientist in me has to dig and puzzle it over. One major flaw in all those observers who can't identify it and who therefore feel justified in saying, "It had to be something weird," is that they are all making a judgement based on their own honesty and decency. We al tend to think other people are like us; they're not.

I need to explain. As I said, I've always been interested. So has husband. Many years ago, not long after CE3K came out ("Close Encounters of the Third Kind", for those who are too young to remember it) husband & I bought a book called "Close Encounters of an Australian Kind" - Ross Bakersfield, I think the author was. It was a very good book - it described the range of UFOs reported over the years and put them into categories. It debunked a vast majority and explained them very well. I remember being disappointed that the most spectacular sightings, such as aliens standing by the roadside, were easily explained away as those sort of hallucinations you get when you're driving late at night and you're overtired. It wasn't until I had similar hallucinations (only mine weren't aliens, they were just figures, or cars, that weren't really there) that I knew what he was talking about. basically, it's a dream state where you're trying to stay awake but not quite succeeding (so they're not really hallucinations, either - just brain pictures on the edge of dreams). This is just an example of one sort of explanation - you're so tired you're dozing off and not even aware you're dozing off - a microsleep.

Now I'm not saying that what your friend saw was in this category. It wasn't. I'll get to that.

There were a range of explanations, including our old favourite the weather balloon. But just as I was feeling depressed and jaded, at the end of the book was a listing of ALL unexplained Aussie sightings. I looked for the one I remembered from childhood, which husband also remembers seeing even though we had not met at that stage - it wasn't listed, but I remember the newspapers had reported it and given a possible explanation (which I never believed).

It's an old book, but we kept it on our shelves.

Flash forward 20+ years. I'm in the car with a friend, returning from a late-night performance of poetry and story. The driver is my neighbour, a man who makes a living telling stories. He had 'kidnapped' me for the night as a spare performer (I do performance poetry, as well as some writing). Character-wise - he's a ratbag. Only this Aussie word can describe him. VERY difficult child.
It's late, we're driving home, he's trying to stay awake at the wheel. So how does he choose to stay awake? Easy. he picks a fight with his passenger.
Only I refuse to fight. So he continues getting more outrageous in his statements. I already know that he likes to be deliberately provocative and controversial, so I ignore him. This is working; he's getting angry and staying awake.
Then the subject turns to UFOs. He's already told me how he could debate that the Earth is flat; now he tells me he used to belong to a UFO spotters organisation in Sydney in the 1970s. Turns out he belonged because it's easier to hoax people you know. Yes, he was a UFO hoaxer and prankster. Charming. But I let him talk - it was keeping him awake. He went on to describe one hoax in great detail - he had gone to a coastal area where a creek ran over a small waterfall into a lagoon beside a beach - absolutely beautiful, a classic lovers lane place. He went down below the waterfall and set up his equipment. He had some hydrogen gas he had electrolysed from water and forced into a giant :censored2: balloon with a bicycle pump. To this very large balloon he attached a small torch bulb with a battery, wired so the torch bulb was on. This made the balloon glow red (it was a red balloon). From the knotted neck of the balloon he tied some detonating fuse, a very long length of it - several yards, I gather. Along this, he carefully wrapped different, short lengths of magnesium wire at varying intervals.
Keeping all this covered under a dark blanket, he went below the waterfall into the still lagoon (you can wade in this lagoon - I know it well) uncovered the balloon (still out of sight below the waterfall), lit the end of the fuse wire and let the balloon go. He then slowly made his way back to the car park.

You can imagine the effect. He said he got a great kick out of people's reactions. There were maybe three or four couples in cars there in the car park above the waterfall overlooking the beach, who suddenly saw this glowing red orb rise soundlessly from below the falls. It would have been 100 yards away from them, at least, but in the dark they couldn't be sure how big it was or how far away it was. And the wind was nonexistent - it seemed to reach a point of balance and hung there. By now, people were out of their cars and getting excited. Suddenly the thing shone a bright light, which stopped after a second. Then after a few more seconds, a two second flash. Then another, of maybe half a second. People grabbed their torches and started trying to copy the flashes of light, to signal back to the red orb.
But it was only there for a few minutes more, before there was a loud BOOM and the thing vanished, as if it had just sped away faster than the eye could follow.

I was fascinated by the story - only an evil genius like this idiot would have dreamed up such a mean trick. I wondered if he was making it up as we were driving, just to see how I would react. The trouble some people will go to, I thought, just to mess with people's minds...

We got home very soon after and I went straight inside to check out my library.
Sure enough, in my obscure, old little book, right at the back, was a description of this particular unexplained sighting - it gave the date, and the location at the lagoon my neighbour had mentioned. The description was of a large red orb of undetermined size which appeared to be signalling, before it left suddenly accompanied by a sonic boom.

For those not of a scientific bent, I will explain. The big :censored2: balloon (you can get ones 2 yards across in joke shops) was filled with hydrogen gas. Very flammable, and lighter than helium (think - Hindenburg). So although he added stuff to it, it still floated up until it reached a point of air density balance. At night you have no frame of reference and so cannot accurately determine size or distance. Your brain is already thinking, "UFO" and therefore assumes the object to be larger, and further away. It's logical to think in human terms and ascribe human scale to it. The torch bulb run by a small battery made the balloon glow as if lit from within. The extra long fuse continued to burn and lit the small lengths of magnesium when the flame reached them. These burned with such a fierce intensity that any tiny glow from the fuse would have not been seen, thanks to the afterglow on people's retinas (think - flashbub that keeps burning for more than a split second). And when the burning fuse reached the balloon and the hydrogen - Whammo! It would have blown apart the balloon, the torch bulb - the lot. No evidence to collect. Because anything left would have sunk into the ooze of the lagoon.

People find it hard to believe that people exist who would create a hoax like that for no other purpose than to feel superior at other people's credulity.

I've seen this guy's workshop. I know what he can produce.

And I do wonder, if what your friend saw was a similar hoax. Helium is much safer and easier to get hold of, but it won't burn or explode. Such a balloon will move if there is even a slight breeze and of course it will make no sound.

I'm not saying that what your friend saw WAS such a balloon, but it would need to be ruled out before you call Project Blue Book.

If it's any consolation, I used my neighbour as the subject of a short story, detailing his exploits. I haven't published it yet, but I intend to... and he's probably forgotten he ever told me.



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The lake she is talking about is where I grew up. I am very familiar with this lake. There is no way anyone could have done the balloon thingy. The area is just simply too big. There have been many and I mean many UFO sighting on this lake as far back as I can remember. There were many when I lived there. There was an air force base there at one point and most of the sightings where just passed off as goverment stuff. The base is still there but is not an active armed forces base. Am I saying that what is in those pictures is some sort of UFO - no but I am also not denying it is something weird.


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Lumi, you are right that there is no way someone could have launched something up there at that location. I still won't say it's "alien", I'm hoping sooner or later someone is going to explain what it was. As Lumi said, this lake is massive. It stretches nearly to the town that I am in now 1 1/2 hours from home. I guess if someone was committed with a really big boat? I just find it highly unprobable. Indeed, our military base (lived on base until 2 years ago with my ex) no longer has active armed forces. It is a NORAD base, the twin base to the one in the US at Cheyenne Mountain. We have CAF staff in Colorado a CM and they have USAF here at our base. It is a radar base that tracks all air activity to protect North America. Actually the pics have gone with someone close to me who works for NORAD. They'll either have an answer, be intrigued but say it's something easily explained, or they'll all have a good laugh over lunch today HAHAHA.
Anyhow, I have seen so many of the "hoax" stories (I'm a Discovery channel junkie) so I know all about hoax's. I still figure there must be some explanation for these pics that would make sense if only we figured it out. But I pretty much can rule out a hoax considering they'd have to have boated out super far on a huge lake and had ability to lunch something that high up in the sky etc etc.