IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED: Please give feedback for complaint I have to file at 6:00am

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    Please let me know what you think. My goal is to get them to issue the prn order. My secondary goal would be to create a paper trail that they had enough information available to them that a reasonable MD would have issued the order so that if they refuse and she does jump, I will own them.

    Dear Sir,

    This letter shall serve as a formal complaint against Dr. X's decision to not provide my daughter, Kanga, with a prn medication or adjust her medication schedule for her transport to New Residential Treatment Center (RTC) scheduled for April X, 2011. Dr. X has not seen Kanga since January X, 2011 and now, over two months later, makes a clinical decision without seeing the patient nor speaking with her legal guardians.

    Staff from New Residential Treatment Center (RTC) will be transporting Kanga, a 6-7 hour drive, in their facility's van. Kanga has repeatedly stated that her voices are most active when she is bored. What is more boring than a 6 hour drive through the farmland of the Midwest?

    I feel that it is vitally important that Kanga receive additional pharmaceutical support for this drive.

    Kanga has a history of attempting to jump from moving vehicles and a history of grabbing the steering wheel to attempt to crash the vehicle. Kanga has exhibited extremely unsafe behaviors in the last week including attempting to stab a school employee, attempting to climb out of a window at the school, and running from her unit. Kanga is on high precautions for AWOL and high precautions for harm to others.

    We have the demonstrated risk that Kanga may jump from a vehicle moving at 65mph or attempt to grab the steering wheel. Regardless of whether one feels that the risk is significant or more minimal, the risk of adjusting her dosing schedule is negligible, especially considering that Dr. X originally ordered that Thorazine dose to be given at breakfast but moved it to 3pm when she was too sleepy for school; her Abilify dose was originally split into three doses(one at breakfast, one at 5:00pm and one at bedtime) so clearly--per her psychiatrists-- it is safe to give her that medication in the morning.

    Due to nursing not calling me until almost 9:00pm and Dr. X having already left on vacation, I must insist that Dr. Y be paged and asked to give the staff permission to give Kanga her Thorazine and Abilify at 9:30am on her transport date for her safety and the safety of the New Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff.

    I look forward to a call by Noon, confirming that Kanga will be allowed to take her Thorazine and Abilify at 9:30am on transport date. I can be reached at 555-555-5555.


    I am absolutely livid. I am so sick of this Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I cannot wait until Kanga is out of there. HUGE complaint is being filed (with the help of our case manager). What a waste of 8 months of her life
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    I think it is very well written and gets right to the point. I'm sorry that you have to point out something that seems so very necessary and a simple decision to make for the safety of all involved.
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    I think it is very well written and both you and that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) have enough documentation of her very real threats and actions that she is capable of acting upon. Anyone who doesnt take this seriously is an idiot. Is there anyway her pediatrician could rx the prn medications?
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    I PM'd you just now with some changes for clarity, FWIW. Just my 2 cents.

    I thought it might be helpful for your language to include some specific legalese that should ring big alarm bells to any administrator reading it. Namely several references that bring up the "reasonable man" point in civil law that says if a reasonable and prudent person would have done should have done it. And if you didn't, then you are probably going to be held liable for your inactions as well as your actions.

    Good luck,

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    Looks fairly good to me, like rls's notes, too. Is there any way the new staff could take a dose with them for her just in case?
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    I know you are glad to get her out of this place.

    I think you did a great job JJJ on the letter. I like HaoZi's question...

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    I'm late... I agree on the issue of liability.
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    I'm really late, too, but I wanted to let you know, I think it's great.

    Dr. X needs a good metaphorical slap upside the face.
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    I'm too late to offer any advice here...

    Just wanted to offer my support!
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    How awful that you even have to be write this complaint. I hope action is quick!
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    Chiming in late, but I agree - psychiatrists are putting both Kanga and staff at risk by not appropriately addressing medication issues for the transfer. Heck, she assaulted a teacher at the mere thought of xfer. No telling what she might have up her sleeve for the actual event. It's a high-stress situation for her, and psychiatrists are well aware of how well she deals with- stress.

    Too bad you can't insist psychiatrist transfer her. :devil:

    Hope this gets resolved and fast. Is new staff aware of potential issues? How many will be involved in xfer?

    Sorry, JJJ. I was hoping Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would be a good place for her to transition to TLP program. Fingers crossed for better experience at new Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    I'm late on this thread too...but I thought the letter was excellent, to the point, and polite manner.

    I hope they listened to you.
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    Thanks all -- I overslept so I got all your feedback before I edited my letter and sent it. :) Patricia - thanks for the legalese! I found an e-mail for the vice president of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (this is a huge Residential Treatment Center (RTC)) and he should understand what that means, even if lower level staff miss it.

    I think the issue is systemic as we have had problems in all areas of this Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I also think that the current nurse assigned to Kanga is incompetent and has a 'MDs are God' complex going on as she was shocked that I would even think to question the MD. (Seriously, I have fired MDs!! Yes, they are highly educated in their medical field but I am highly educated in my children.)
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    Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked! They got ahold of Dr. Y and he ordered the medications as a PRN to be given prior to transport!!!

    The Director of Residential Services (the same woman who handled our last complaint and resolved that issue) jumped right on it and Dr. Y has ordered the PRN medications to be given to Kanga prior to transport!!!! And the nurse who screwed the whole thing up is going to be retrained on how to handle these requests and 'reminded' that there is a process to file a complaint against the MDs, they even have a form that she should have filled out last night for me. And, it turns out she should have gone to Dr. Y to begin with and Dr. X is no longer the doctor of record for Kanga-course that I wasn't told that is a whole 'nother issue. When I asked why Kanga's nurse didn't know which doctor was in charge of her. The response was "very good question, that will also be addressed."

    But Kanga will be sedated for the drive!!! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can just imagine the nightmare of a non-sedated Kanga on the drive. Eeeeeee. I am SO GLAD this went through!!!!! :happyguy:
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    Once again you have proven yourself to be a dedicated and effective Warrior Mom. Way To Go! DDD
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    VERY good!
    Boo-hiss for that nurse. I'm glad she will be "re-trained." Scary stuff if she doesn't even know which dr is in charge. It happens a lot, though.
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    So relieved they got that straightened out!
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    It's funny, Kanga is totally relieved that she is getting extra medications too. She knows that she needs the help to make the drive. She is terrified and is back to being little girl Kanga who needs her mom. I know it won't last but I'll enjoy the time with my little girl while I can :)
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    I always enjoy the "little girl" parts, too. Sigh...