Impluse Control Issues in a 4 yr old

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lyssaloy, Oct 11, 2013.

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    My 2nd son has some severe impulse control issues and I do not know what is causing it, or how to help. He has never been abused, never been exposed to drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substances.
    I have 4 children and I am pregnant with our 5th. He is the kind of child who needs constant supervision because he does not think about the things he does beforehand, but he does express sincere remorse afterwards. Unfortunately, I cannot follow him around and watch him every second, there are times when he is out of my supervision because I'm changing diapers, making a meal, going to the bathroom, etc. Just in the last two days he has dumped out a half gallon of milk all over the carport, sprayed an entire bottle of air freshener outside, dumped cinnamon all over the bathroom, and gotten all of the creams out of the bathroom and smeared them all over himself.
    When I catch him doing these things he almost always says the same thing, "I'm sorry Mama, it was an accident." I tell him no, an accident is when you didn't want to do it. Then he changes and says he wasn't thinking, and he didn't mean to make the mess.
    His impulse issues began when he was 18 mos. He started coloring all over the walls, tearing books, etc. I thought we were just getting out of this stage. He hasn't done anything destructive/messy in a few weeks, until yesterday.
    What can I do? I am at a loss here. Pease help!
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    What should you do? Take him to be evaluated for ADHD and any other issues. You know, I am sure, how inheritable ADD/ADHD is.
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    Can you tell us a little bit about his very early behavior? Was your pregnancy good? Did he eat and sleep well and let you cuddle him? How about his other milestones? On time?

    Have you looked into the early childhood program for your son? It is set up to take children who have issues. Also, for diagnostic purposes, which will get him help once he is in school, either take him to a neuropsychologist or go to a teaching hospital that has a comprehensive testing team. His behavior is not the norm. He could have one of many issues and the earlier you find out and get him into interventions, the better the prognosis :)

    Welcome to the board, but so sorry you have to be here.