In a major funk right now

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by StressedM0mma, Feb 5, 2013.

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    And, I am having a hard time digging out of it. I've been in a constant worry about whether or not difficult child will be getting up and going to school. And I know that my anxiety does not help hers. I just can't seem to get past it. I know it is some PTSD, but I wish it would just go away. She has gone the last 2 days, but this morning was not easy. Once we got to school, she was hesitant about getting out of the car. When she does that, it just sets my anxiety off through the roof. husband is of no help in the matter. He avoids us as much as possible. He leaves to work out before we get up, and comes home after I have taken her. And then he doesn't get home from work until after we have had dinner. He spends no time with us. So, the majority of difficult child's issues fall on me.

    I am just sad. I just want her to go to school.
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    Might need your own therapist/psychiatrist... sometimes we have to help ourselves in order to help our kids.
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    Seriously, have you thought about or checked into online high school? It might be the best option for BOTH of you. No bullying, social stress, teacher judgement and pressure and attitude, no early mornings (unless you want to), and breaks as needed for appointments or just plain stress relief. It has been a godsend in our house. Just a thought.
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    Agree with the online high school.
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    I have tried to do the online school for her. And, she wants to go to school. That is one thing that has changed. Before, she didn't want to go. Now, she wants to go, just has such a hard time with it. I just asked her again last week if she wanted to online. She refuses. I know me pestering her is the wrong thing to do, but I just don't know how else to get her mving in the morning.

    IC, I think you may be right in that I need to head back to the therapist. I quit going last summer. And, I am sure the gray gross winter is not helping my mood. I have thought about tanning, because it really cheers me up, but husband pitched a fit because of the cancer risk.
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    Switch your light bulbs. I had to do that... get "full spectrum" bulbs, sometimes called "sunlight" bulbs. Not the specialty lights that are used for people with SAD - these are "ordinary" light bulbs. But the quality of the light makes a huge difference on how I feel... especially in the dark days of winter.