Inside out, upside down, and round and round

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    Geez. It's been a roller coaster.

    Graduation Day was big. I posted about the good and bad. Well, for easy child it must have been that hump he needed to get over...even though he didn't graduate. That night, though, my son was back. He was more relaxed and at peace than I have seen in months. It was like the weight of the world was off his shoulders. And he talked to Ashlee and they got back together. He's as into the relationship now as he was in the beginning. I'm telling you, this hasn't been my son I've been living with the last few months. It's really nice to have him back. I was afraid he was going to go full blown difficult child on me. It was really looking that way.

    And then.....

    It looks like easy child will still get to be a 2009 graduate!

    His World Lit teacher passed him. And when I say she passed him, I mean *she* passed him. easy child didn't even take the final because he knew he had already failed the class. She had him in 9th grade, too. Maybe she didn't want him again next year? She took away all his missing assignments PLUS gave him 25 bonus points to give him a final grade of a D-. I'm surprised as all get out, and not sure how I feel about it. I mean, he didn't do the work so why should he get a pass? She had said she knew he could do the work so maybe that had something to do with it? I don't know.

    He still has 2 credits he needs, but he has all his required classes, so they can be anything. His guidance counselor is getting him involved in some state funded program that will enable him to get those credits by June 30. We left a message for them today. Will try again tomorrow.

    I was afraid to say anything at first. Was afraid it was going to be short lived. And I'm still kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm trying not to worry about the June 30 thing...worry that he won't follow through. But, that is out of my hands.
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    I'm wondering if some of this is guilt on the part of the school due to the mono issue and easy child's illness for so long? Possible. Who knows? Maybe they were hoping that easy child could bounce back and do the work if they put enough pressure on him, only to discover the opposite had happened and now feel sort of bad about it. Not like this is a difficult child who makes a habit of brushing of school and gets into trouble.

    Now bare with me as this is only a fuzzy memory. It took place not long after the brain injury. But the hs wasn't going to let Travis graduate. They said he didn't meet one of the english requirements nor one of the math requirements. Now I happen to know a kid with an IEP is nearly impossible to prevent from graduating. (at least around here) So I went in furious and wouldn't take the option of no graduation as a possiblity. 1. Travis had taken all the english courses. No one informed him he'd failed, said on his report card he'd passed with a D. 2. The math class he'd failed twice (algebra) but somehow that hadn't mattered when he took geometry and physics. So, they counted his Drama class as an English. (it is actually) And the physics he took at the tech school made up for the failed math course. The kid graduated.

    I'm glad that now the pressure to graduate is off easy child is back to his old self. I hope this works out for him and he can get his diploma without having to go the GED route. A GED is fine, but a diploma looks better.