Interesting info on VA Tech shooter Cho, mental illness, and the system's failure

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    I took a workshop by Lucinda Roy last week. She is the author of No Right to Remain Silent, and taught Seung-Hui Cho on a 1-to-1 basis for several wks because he was failing classes and these private sessions were a stop-gap measure. She's a great teacher, by the way.
    I have become more interested in Cho because in her book, she talks about anxiety disorder and selective mutism.
    Here's something I found on the Internet, from a review panel: LIFE AND MENTAL HEALTH HISTORY OF CHOpdf.pdf

    by the way, it needed proofing before being launched on the Web. There are apostrophes in "Cho's" where there shouldn't be. It should just be plural. Just had to add that for you English buffs out there. :)