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Last time I was on here I had just found out my son is using heroin. I don't have time to post much but just wanted to ask for prayers because we are having an intervention tonight. We don't have an interventionalist coming but we do have our preacher , one of his friends and family members from both sides of the family. I have worked so hard getting this set up. I've rented a conference room at a hotel, have a rehab set up, had to buy all new clothes for him and have his bag packed because they said he shouldn't go back to his apartment, getting everyone on the same page. This has been so difficult. His father and I have never got along and he would never believe me that he was using drugs until he recently saw him and how bad he looks. That's been a whole challenge on its on, he wants to argue a lot about things from the past that don't matter, I just say I'm sorry because my only concern is saving my son. My son lives with his girlfriend who he thinks he can't be away from for a minute and that's going to be a really big challenge. Her family is coming to try to get her at the same time we are in our intervention, pray she goes home with her family. I have never been more nervous or worried in my life. The rehab is very far from our home in California and that makes me even more worried. I pray that I'm on here tomorrow with good news.

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prayers for you that this time is IT, that he's scared enough and tired of it all. It means more to me now than ever that" one of our kids makes it".


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Prayers to you and please update us. Just keep praying that he will do it. That is the scariest part of all. But don't worry that you'll get him mad or upset. Your doing this out of love.

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Prayers going up that your son grabs this opportunity to start over.
Take care and let us know how you are doing.
God bless.