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    Please give Maureen a warm welcome, her is her intro from a different thread:

    Hi this is my first time on the forum, just came across it.. My daughter is 12 years old, she is suffering from anxiety it started out as separation anxiety from me she was afraid while she wasn't me I would be hurt or die. The anxiety has escalated to the point where she is not able to get into school, her dr. has now diagnosed her with generalized anxiety, sep anx and school phobia. SHe goes to therapy two days a week and is on paxil klonopin and risperdal... her school is now saying they can't educate her and she needs a therapuetic school setting. THis girl was completely normal had a great personality etc. until 4.5 months ago. Our life as we knew it is no longer... she now has behavior issues which now I am not sure if it is the medications or not. My question is has anybody else dealt with this type of illness? I am taking her in the morning to have accupunctre done as nothing else seems to be working. Thank you for any information.

    Maureen, about your daughter....
    What happened 4.5 months ago?
    Has she always struggled?
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    Welcome Maureen! I am Robin from Wisconsin mom of 2 difficult child who can be a bit handful. There diagnosis's and medications are in my signature. Hope to get to know you on the board.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Hi Maureen!
    Did something happen 4.5 months ago that could have triggered this? I understand the thought of her being in a therapuetical setting may be scary to you - but she needs all the help she can get right now. I don't have a lot of experience with anxiety except when mine was really little. I can imagine how heart breaking the whole thing has been for you ((HUGS)) but getting her into the proper setting sounds like a good idea right now for both of you.
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    Hi Maureen and welcome!

    Have to echo the question, are you aware of a specific trigger 4.5 months ago?

    I would be cautious about placement in a therapeutic school. I think your district is right in that they cannot educate her if her anxiety is so devastating - and think it's a very good sign that they've brought up a different placement. My son has been in several therapeutic schools, and in our neck of the woods at least, they are for children who have severe emotional *and* behavioral difficulties. Definitely not a setting for a child with severe anxiety. On the other hand, I probably haven't seen settings for children with severe anxiety because my kid is extremely disruptive.

    I would take a look at options they are offering - visit the program, ask questions, especially about the schools' ability to meet your daughter's specific needs. If you're not finding a program that you think will fit her, ask for other options. I know some states have listings on their dept of education websites of state "approved" private schools - check there to see if there are other programs in your area. You might also check with local hospitals that have a child/teen psychiatric unit. Most of them have outpatient programs (partial hospitalization programs) that include intensive therapy as well as education. The district may squawk but one step a time - find an appropriate educational placement and then deal with district (we have an awesome group over in Special Education 101 forum who can help guide you through sped issues, if you have them).

    I'm so sorry your family is going through this - I can only imagine how scary this has been for you all.

    Again, so glad you found us!
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    Maureen, welcome!

    I also want to ask some questions about the medications: Is she better, worse or about the same since she started them? What doses is she taking? Was she put on them one at a time or at the same time?

    Again, welcome.
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    Wanted to add my welcome also. :) You will get a lot of good ideas, info, and care here so please keep posting. The more information we have, the better we can try to help you.

    I know it is very difficult but please know that you are not alone.

    Sending Gentle Hugs
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    Hi Maureen,

    Welcome. Yes, it's very signficant that this started 4.5 months ago.

    My son has a myriad of letters as his diagnosis but the only one the experts agree on right now are: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Separation Anxiety and Social Anxiety. Same as yours. Celexa has helped a large degree with meltdowns but his attention issues are our biggest challenge right now.

    You have found a great place and we are very happy to have you here. Hugs, ML
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    Hi Maureen! I am happy you found us and joined us, but also sorry you need us.


    The others have asked great questions. I would suggest reading "The Explosive Child" even if she is not explosive. It gives a different way of approaching parenting. Many find it useful.

    That the school is recommending a therapeautic setting means THEY have to pay for it. Look at what they offer AND what other programs are available in your community.

    Also, start the IEP process by sending a certified letter requesting evaluation, if you haven't already done this. The Special Education forum has great instructions on this.

    More (((((hugs)))))