Introducing Pepper!

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    I've just brought home a new kitty. She's 7 weeks old and her name is Pepper (short for Peppermint Patty). She hasn't found Schroeder yet (easy child's new rat baby) but she is happily tracking Kobe (Matt's 3 year old cat). Kobe seems surprisingly intrigued and not at all intimidated by a new cat in the house.

    Pepper is orange and white with the longest and softest hair! She has green eyes and has a bob tail. She's really plump and has the prettiest face. I am in love :). I can't wait for easy child to get home from school. We picked her out weeks ago but didnt have a date to get her until my friend called this morning saying I could pick her up. So it will be a surprised easy child after school. She's been driving me crazy asking me when, when, when .... for weeks now.

    I will let easy child take some pictures later tonight and try to post some for you all. She truly is heart melting :)
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    Aw. Love new babies. Enjoy.
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    How cool. I want pictures! I love kitten babies.
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    I took a few pictures, will try to post in the morning. Just back from a birthday dinner/party and I'm pooped! She's too cute for words though. Turns out she is a manx cat. Thus the bob tail. She has a double coat as well and her back legs are different than most cats. When she gets moving she almost hops like a bunny with her back legs. She's so adorable, all cats are of course (for cat people like me anyhow). But this one is so unique, she is also very sociable and gentle. easy child is over the moon.
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    Awww congrats on the new baby in the house!!
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