Introducing the group "Math Meltdowns"

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nvts, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Several of us in the General, Early Childhood and even in the Watercooler have difficult child's that have serious "math issues". Meltdowns before/during class or when doing homework are extremely common. We found that many of us had tips, tricks and twists to help our kids better understand various concepts, notations, etc. so we decided to form a group called "Math Meltdowns".

    If you'd like to join in, simply click on the "My Profile" button up on top of the page, look to your left and scroll down.

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    I will have to ask Billy for some of the tricks he got when he was young for help with math. When he was little he was dxd with a math Learning Disability (LD) but as he grew older ...maybe late jr high and into HS...he outgrew the Learning Disability (LD) and is very good at math now. One teacher just broke through whatever was keeping him from understanding the basic concepts.

    I do know that when my other two boys were little I used playing cards to teach them to count and add. Instead of a game of Go Fish we did it where each of us was dealt two cards and we added up the numbers. That was our score. If you got doubles...the score doubled. Later we did subtraction and then even later multiplication.

    My mom did a game with me to learn my times tables. We would walk around the house and before we could speak to each other we would just say a times equation...say one of us would say something like...2x3 and the other would answer 6. Or someone would say 12 and the other would say...4x3 or 6x2 or 12x1 anything that made up the number asked.

    We have already started Keyana on her zero times tables. She seems to get math better than she gets her letters...sigh.
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    cool thanks. will be helpful upon return. always strugglin with the math!