iPad or Netbook? Input needed!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. hearts and roses

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    easy child's laptop is 4 years old and looks every minute of it. She's missing keys, it's crashed twice, just worn out. It's time for her to get something new, but she's not sure what to get. She wants to spend $500 or less and she's looking at one of those little 10" easy child Netbooks and the iPad.

    She uses her computer primarily for school work & surfing the internet.

    She's dazzled by the endless tasks that an iPad can do, in particular that she can download and read books, instant messaging, surf the net, and also use as a word processor. However, the iPad needs to be either plugging into another computer to recharge or she would have to buy a wall charger for an additional $30. Also, does anyone know if a printer can be used with the iPad?

    Practically speaking, she's looking at a laptop. She said can even get a regular sized laptop for about $500. The iPad would bring her up to approximately $560 with the accessories needed whereas a Netbook would be ready to go - all she'd need is a protector case.

    difficult child has a 10" Netbook and she loves it because it's lightweight and fits in her hand bag - it goes with her everywhere.

    Eventually easy child will also need to get a printer, but not yet, and those are relatively cheap anyway.

    So, any and all input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Mattsmom277

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    I don't know much about the ipad. I hear its pretty neat, haven't heard if it can be linked to a printer or not. I would think however it might be awkward for typing out lengthy word documents.

    I think I'd personally get the netbook for the reasons she seems to use a computer. In fact, since she's looking for a way to enjoy music etc she could afford a netbook and a ereader device for under $500 for both.

    Whatever she decides I hope she enjoys her new toy
  3. Shari

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    I'm pm'ing you.
  4. totoro

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    K has the Netbook and I love it for her. We did a ton of research for the fact of her issues- the netbooks are top rated for kids with Autism and special needs. i-pads are not. So saying that even though it is for easy child- if she is hard on it the netbook will last longer.

    I have an i-pad. I love it- I have wonderful apps that "all" of the college kids are using for college- one is called "SoundPaper" it records and you can take notes with it. I use it for Docs apts and I used it for our IEP meeting yesterday!!! You can also write with a pencil using your finger to draw examples say from a white board. Or just to doodle on the side of your notes when the Prof. is boring!!! LOL
    THe other app that is used by most of the college kids is the "Daily Notes" it is just like a Day Trapper or Organizer.
    Yes you can print with it. All of the extras add up. You can purchase a card for direct link for video and you camera downloads. The case etc.... but the plug will plug directly into my mac PowerBook to upload music and video and it plugs into my printer.
    The i-books app free is nice and you can download the Kindle app for free, I already had an amazon account.

    But the typing can get bothersome.

    The netbooks are cheaper and do everything she can possibly need for school...

    But for me personally because they were both GIFTS!!! I love the netbook for K and the i-pad for me!!! LOL

    If it was money i would go with the netbook.
    one of the problems is that kids "think" i-pads are cool, but for cost and what they need the netbook is likely the smarter choice.
  5. klmno

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    I briefly considered these options a couple of weeks ago when my easy child went out. I was leaning toward a netbook but ended up getting a refurbished laptop for less than $250- from a legitimate company that included a 90 day warranty, of course.
  6. susiestar

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    I would lean toward a netbook IF she can find one that has a cd player. She may need to load cds onto it (or an external hard drive - very affordable) for classes. I use my computer for reading ebooks, and she can load them onto the netbook from many sites, including mobipocket.com. If it cannot use cds, she needs to find a computer lab that will let her transer cds to her netbook or a thumbdrive/memory card/external hard drive. It shouldn't be difficult to do that, but it might be a hassle.

    Many textbooks have cds with tutorials, study guides, etc..., so it is important to think about this.

    I would think an ipad would be difficult to create reports on, unless she can get a keyboard that is compatible. Keyboards seem pretty cheap now, and some even roll up for easier transport. You can also get virtual keyboards that a gizmo projects onto any flat surface. There was a CSI Miami where a secretary used a virtual keyboard to send messages on a site that all the employees used.
  7. totoro

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    We have an external hard drive for K's NetBook. Most do not have a CD/DVD drive because of size and thickness. That is what the family got K for her birthday.
  8. hearts and roses

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    Thank you everyone. easy child and I are meeting at Best Buy this evening to check out her options.

    I want an iPad for myself but it sounds like a netbook would be more in line with meeting easy child's needs right now. Maybe if I get a decent holiday bonus, I can pick up an iPad for me!
  9. Shari

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    I just looked up the company I sent you...if you are interested, call the store directly. The store's inventory isn't always online, and they'll have better deals. So I am told.
  10. DammitJanet

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    I would go with the netbook or even a smaller laptop...they have some of the smallish ones for very close to the netbook prices these days. Radio Shack has them for right at $399 or less quite often. Also...get the warranty!!! If you buy from Walmart, you can get a 3 year warranty online.