Is it MB or the patch?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Something smells at my house, and it's not the garbage (although that does also, but I'm sure the bears will take care of it tonight:D).

    You know when you can feel it all over and you just know that there is something 'going on', that there is something 'up'? But you are just too danged tired to pursue it because the drama will kill you and you're just too exhausted to 'get into it'??

    Well, that's how I feel. I know difficult child is either lying or just holding back the truth...and I think it has to do with the beloved ape child (as Star calls him:tongue:) and I think that since this past month has been so mellow and - well - pleasant, difficult child is trying to figure out a way to foil things. I think whatever it is, it will come out in the end - it always does, doesn't it??

    Since she's broken up with HIM, she's been pleasant, less edgy, helpful, fun, nice, laughing, friendlier, and happy, content, at peace, making plans for herself, talking to old friends, reconnecting. I was so happy to see the change...I felt like I had my [nicer] daughter back.

    At around the same time that she dumped MB, she also skipped a month on the patch.

    Coincidentally, she saw MB last night (supposedly to get her things back) AND started the patch again. And now today she is a mess. She's crying, she's lashing out, she's upset, unhappy, hates everyone, wants to GET OUT, is mad at me for not letting her use my car, etc...I mean, all the crud we were dealing with while she was with MB, which coincides with her time on the patch. Her time with MB was allegedly spent 'talking' and she claims that he told her she was right to dump him and that they agreed to not see one another for a while before hanging out as friends. Ahem, BS.

    So, which is it? MB or the patch?? Or perhaps BOTH? She has a DR appointment tomorrow with the DR who put her on the patch and I am going to bring it up....if difficult child lets me in after her exam. But I am just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on the patch?
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    UGH! That's about all I can say. Hormones or men, there's not a lot you can do about it when it's another woman's hormones or men!

    Personally, I probably wouldn't pursue it at this point, either. She's going to do whatever it is that she is going to do, and all you can do at this point is wait for the fallout. It's not like she asked you for advice. Do they ever until after it's too late? Harumph!
  3. hearts and roses

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    Exactly was your liar post that prompted me to even post about it. I could feel it in my gut that she's lying...I just KNOW. When I told H my suspicions, he chickled a bit, but he knows that I know when she's lying. It's like a mainline to my gut. When she opens her mouth, I know it's a lie.

    I picked her up last night from her friend's house and she was completely trashed. I bit my tongue all the way home and she went to bed.

    She has a physical this morning for her enrollment in school next month. I've become good at detching with HER, but in my head it's hard to turn off that disgust/worry/scared mother mode, Know what I mean??

    She's off to her dad's tomorrow until Monday - I am going away with a friend to WV to go rafting with my sister. Can't wait to escape. I can't leave her home alone with H anymore - I get a stream of phone calls from the two of them because inevitably the you-know-what hits the fan everytime I try and go away for a little respite.
  4. Hound dog

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    Hard to tell. Most likely a combination.

    However, Nichole did not do well on the patch. Made her mean and nasty and always in a foul mood, edgy as all get out. And it only got worse the longer she was on it. While hers was also most likely a combo of patch and Mr. Tightwad, I'm sure the patch was a huge contributer.

    Mostly because when Nichole stopped the patch she was fine. After the horrible trial with the IUD, (which fell out) she went back on the pill. BAD NEWS!! The reaction was nearly immediate. And much more severe than what we saw with the patch. Let's just say she became violent and vicious until she stopped the darn things. Soon as it was out of her system, she was fine again.

    The women in our family have a tendancy to do this. My mother went psychotic on the pill. I didn't do much better once the dose reached a certain level. Evidently Nichole has the same problem.:( Now I just wish she'd make the time to get back into doctor for some other form of bc, cuz I know boyfriend isn't using condoms.

    If you think she'd listen........You might want to point out her mood change since seeing MB to show her that maybe she doesn't really want to be with him as much as she thinks she does.

    So frustrating I know.

  5. hearts and roses

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    Lisa, I have pointed these things out and I can see her ears go up, so I think she notices it as well.

    When I dropped her at the DR, she was there in the reception area so I told her of my thoughts on difficult child and the patch. She suggested maybe the depo shot, which I have to tell you I am not averse to at all. However, our gyno said that people with mood disorders don't do very well in most cases with the shot. If I thought her DR would do it, I'd suggest the IUD. The last time I brought it up, the DR nearly fell out of her chair in her response of, "No way, not before bearing at least one child!". Ugh.

    She forgets the pills, the ring falls out, the patch makes her crazy, and I'm worried about the shot. I am going back to pick up difficult child and I will see what they decided. After all, it's her body...(just my house!)
  6. Shari

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    If you do the shot, there exists a short acting version of it. ASK FOR IT. If she reacts adversly to that, you don't want it lasting for THREE MONTHS.
  7. HereWeGoAgain

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    Sounds like the friend of the simian persuasion and the patch are a bit of a chicken/egg thing... Hope she gets it figured out.
  8. hearts and roses

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    She got the shot. I didn't know about the short acting one...dang.

    The Dr intimated to me that difficult child has 'had a very rough month' and I said, "Yes, she has" and left it at that. ugh.

    So, difficult child is here and throwing a hissy fit about not getting my car. I just kind of lit into her about not having a job, taking any job, shoveling cow dung if she has to - just get a job.

    In fairness, she has applied to like 30 places and none have hired her. Do you think it's the tattoo on her wrist?? I would hate to think so. Maybe she's not presenting herself in a pleasant and happy manner? I've seen her and she dresses nice. She's got a great professional telephone and personableness about her when she meets new people. I don't get it.

    I just don't know. I hope the shot helps her settle down.
  9. susiestar

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    I am sorry things are going so rough. I didn't hav mood swings on the pill, I just got pregnant on it! Just like magic - 3 months on the pill and preggo! But that was MY wierd body.

    You know, it very likely could be the tattoo on her wrist that is keeping some businesses from hiring her. When I worked as a restaurant mgr for a chain, ALL employees had to cover up tattoos if they had them, or go home. They also couldn't have piercings anywehre but ears, and the guys had to cover up ear piercings with bandaids. They wanted a certain image to be presented and it wasn't tattoos and piercings.

    I'm sorry. maybe if she wears long sleeves and covers the tattoo as she applies?

  10. Abbey

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    At my last job, all tattoos had to be covered. You'd see all these young kids walking around with major bandages on their arms. I always knew when there were no managers on that day. All bandages came off.

    In all fairness, it IS really hard to get a job these days. 30 apps is nice, but she needs to follow up on them. When they see you're insistent and REALLY want a job, they might be more likely to take a second look.