Is there a way to fix this?


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I am in illinois to visit my sick father. Its not that easy for me to make the trip without a car ride up and back. Because Father is so sick, I got a ride up, but boight a ticket on amtrak via their email tickets to go back sunday on amtrak. I printed off the ticket from me email where they sent it. Then I put it in my purse and forgot it was there. Yes, I am spacy. I decided to take something other than my purse to carry things in. Guess what? Tickets are with purse at home now. I am staying with princess. She doesnt have a computer printer so I cant print it out again from her house. Where would I maybe be able to print it out?

If I cant do it I will have to go home tomorrow when jumper drives back for a college basketball practice. I hoped to see my father saturday too. He is dying.

Any suggestions?

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Are there any places around where you are like Fedex, that have computer and printer access? We have a few here......? Some office supply stores like Staples of Office Max have computer access and could print it. There are also internet cafes.....Oh, Serenity, I am sorry. It is hard to have our head on straight in times like these.

I hope you are able to reprint and go see your dad.
This is a very tough time.
My prayers are with you and yours.

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You might also try a library. Maybe princess has a friend who has a computer.

I hope you can get it worked out.


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Have you called Amtrak and explained the situation? They might be willing to void the first ticket, and issue you another with a confirmation number you could use to verify the purchase when you arrive at the station that morning. I know you have had terrible problems with Amtrak in the past, but it might be worth a try, Serenity.

You cannot be the only person something like this has happened to.

Other than that, if you look online you will find the location of the local branch of the Public Library where you are. Call first to be sure they have internet access and printer. (Usually, they do.) Then, just call the ticket up and reprint it.

Take care, Serenity.



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The others have given you the same advice I would have, but I wanted to let you know you have all my prayers and sympathy in this difficult time.

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Oh phew is right. Hope all goes well with your train ride and visit. Will be thinking of you dear friend. Do take care.


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Hi Serenity

I missed your thread until now. I too want to tell you I am thinking of you. There are machines in the amtrak station that print tickets. You put in the credit card you used to buy it. Also, we have just gone to the station agent and they print it. Also, we have just gotten on the train, showed our ID and the conductor looks.

I am glad you worked it out. Keep us posted.



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Pull it up on your smart phone and show it to them? Call them and ask, that will probably work but you might want to be sure.