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    to legally withdraw a kid from a school without already having something else lined up? Is there any way around the difficult child staying on current placement while you're going thru due process if you don't have them in a private school?

    I'm at witz end.
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    our doctor ordered homebound dureing our due process, and our school refused to permit difficult child from being at school immed after we filed to go to due process...(and thruout due process) It took from early Nov when I filed to go to due process until mid Febbefore our due process heairng even began and it took till April to get the final determination from our due process- BUT that completely violated all the legal timelines........
    and even when our doctor ordered homebound, our school first blew it off a full month, then came back and questioned our docs credentials, then "could not find a homebound instructor" So while homebound was ordered in Nov, we did not GET any homebound until mid summer. - again- major violations, and our hearing officer simply got SO frustrated herself......she refused to address any of those issues at all ..grrr.

    I know I filed due process partly to BLOCK a change in placement our district wanted....(becuz none of the places they would send my difficult child would even ACCEPT my difficult child, go figure- they said she was NOT symptomatic enough for their facilities)

    Will your school change placement without going to due process? Have you looked into your states homeschooling laws? Is that an option to do while you seek different arrangements?
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    I am sorry you are under such stress that going to DP usu sally causes. Whether or not you can withdraw your child and keep him at home (if that is what you want) depends upon your state's home schooling laws. In IL home schooling is very easy and poorly monitored. In other states, the parent must be CERTIFIED!!!

    I would try to respond more specifically if I knew what you want for your difficult child during the pendancy of the DP hearing.

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    Is homeschooling a possibility until something else is worked out?