Is there something wrong with me?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by muttmeister, Dec 16, 2007.

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    I'm seriously thinking of dropping out of the human race and becoming something better... like a monkey, a dog, a cat, or whatever. :bah-humbug:
    I listened to people this week complain that people are saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" or "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays." Some kid somewhere on a bus got beat up for saying "Happy Hanukkah." Has the whole world gone nuts? :rolleyes:
    I consider myself a (not very good) Christian and I will wish you a Merry Christmas and the powers that be will not tell me I can't say that. However, when I wish you that, it does not mean I am trying to convert you. If you are Jewish and wish me Happy Hanukkah, I am grateful to you for including me in your celebration. If you are atheist or whatever and you decide to tell me Happy Holidays or Happy New Year, I am thankful that you think enough of me to tell me anything. If you are Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu or whatever else and you give me a greeting of whatever kind, I will take it in the spirt it is given and thank you for it.
    When the heck did it become a political statement to give somebody a greeting? I am sick and tired of people telling me what I should and should not say. I am all for political correctness up to a point, but since when did a pleasant wish become an insult? Don't people have better fights to fight than that?
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    I agree with you. I've always like animals better than people. I'm getting better with my cynicism towards people - this board has definitely shown me that are some very kind people out there - and in real life, the events of the last few weeks have shown me more of that.

    But, yeah, it should definitely be taken with the spirit in which it is given. I wouldn't be offended if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah or anything else. Like you, I would appreciate that the person thought enough of another to wish me happy anything.
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    Stand up in front of your computer and take a bow!!!

    I've felt this way forever, and have never really been able to express it so thoroughly.

    I have friends who send Hanukka cards to me because their faith is Judaism, friends who send Kwanza greetings in card form or e-mail, etc.

    I'm a Catholic and I'm so happy that they took the time and energy to acknowledge me and mine with their good wishes. To think how crazy I go prepping for a holiday that has everything at my fingertips and they have to chase around to try and find something as simple as wrapping paper, yet they still take the time out for a quick word for me is wonderful.

    My sister has taken to (along with her friends) greeting each other with "Happy Christmakwanzakka". They say it levels the playing field!!!

    The way I see it: Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and women)! It's the same in every faith!!

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    It's not you, Mutt. I've noticed as we become more politically correct, we become more sensitive. You have to "watch" what you say or you better "watch" out. It's ridiculous. Say anything to me as long as it's meant in the right spirit, and I find it acceptable. So...I will continue to say Merry Christmas. And people can accept my good wishes or not...It's better than being an animal and living out in the woods...LOL
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    I had this problem at work this year. You KNOW I love cards and sending and all that goes with it. Well after I got all of our board cards done - depression hit pretty bad.

    I had offered to draw a design for our business cards - and my boss (not knowing I can draw) made a snide comment about my doing that and said "Well don't be surprised if I don't like them." and with that - I painted nothing. I wouldn't draw a stick snow man on toilet paper at that point. And so I did - nothing and waited for him.

    At the last moment he wants me to find, print our logo on, return lables, address the envelopes and mail 250 cards out. AND make sure they aren't expensive- and said "We need them to say "Happy Holidays" and don't get any cards with like Santa Claus or Snowmen (hence the toilet paper down the crapper) and for sure Nothing that says MERRY CHRISTMAS. He went further saying "I want them to say simply Happy Holidays." Two weeks before Christmas I told him it was almost $600 for a card service to do what he wanted. I couldn't find any that matched so I went to AMAZING - they were all sold out of HAPPY HOLIDAYS but had plenty nativity, santa, penguins, and MERRY Christmas. Only one design left in Happy Holiday.

    So I ask - are you Jewish, or Muslim or something? And he said NO. I said "How come you can't say Merry Christmas" and he said "I've always said Happy Holidays - because it covers it all."
    I said OH - so you want me to get a few Happy Hanukka cards for your biggest clients? And he said NO.

    A few hours later he called and asked me if he offended ME, because it never dawned on him that I was Jewish. I stood there a little stunned and said - "Um....I'm not Jewish, but some of your customers are and my suggestion of getting a few Hanukka cards were for them." and he said (this kills me)

    "No, I'm not going to do that "I celebrate Christmas and if I say Merry Christmas to someone and they don't like it too bad, I'm a Christian, that's what I say." (errrr what????)

    I bit my tongue because the overwhelming urge to remind him of the Happy Holiday cards he TOLD me to get and the REASON behind them were just 86'd by him.

    You say tomato I say tomato. You say my boss is a man I say he's trying to be politically correct, and I like my dog a lot better.

    I have never said Happy Holidays - when I hear it I want to add - THOSE MERRY BELLS KEEP RINGING HAPPY HOLIDAYS TOoooooo youuuu.

    So Merry Christmas....

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    This is not the only season that goes through this. I've learned over years of teaching to not say 'Merry Christmas,' but have a good winter break.

    The other one is during Easter. You'd never think that 200 12 year olds would love a good Easter Egg hunt, but they LOVE it. I had to rename it to the 'Spring Egg Hunt.' I'd hide a good 500 or so eggs around the campus. They would go nuts, regardless of their religous persuasion.

    Now, I really don't care what person's spiritual views are. I enjoy learning about them all. But, when someone gets their tighty-whities in a bind because I use the wrong expression...that annoys me.

    What annoys me even more, is that in my daily life now, I've resorted to saying those religious friendly phrases. It's almost automatic. I don't say, "Merry Christmas" anymore. I say...Happy Holidays. Have a great winter break. It's nice, but it's not what the season is about. :bah-humbug:


  8. Big Bad Kitty

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    And a festivus for the rest of us.

    Nope. Not just you.
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    I'm so against political correctness that I refuse to do it. lol

    Now, I don't have a blasted thing against anyone/lifestyle/religion or whatever. It's just with political correctness you simply can't win. So called acceptable phrases change too often, have the potential to change too often to keep up with them all and make everyone happy. It's impossible to make everyone happy all the time.

    So I refuse to worry about it.

    If I know someone special to me is celebrating a certain holiday I'll wish them a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, or whatever it happens to be and mean it. But if I don't know you and happen to pass on a heart felt Merry Xmas don't rip my head off, I'm not a mind reader. Anyone who wants to wish me a Happy whatever, heck I'm pleased, not insulted.

    And with political correctness you have the risk of going to the extreme. Thin Santa, no Ho Ho Ho. No more Cristmas pageants in school to enjoy. Heck I'm waiting for someone to decide to nix Easter Egg Hunts and the Easter Bunny. Most kids can't even trick or treat on Halloween anymore, it has to be Beggar's Nite! :rolleyes:

    As a whole society, have we lost our manners and repect for each other as people to the point where we have to have outside forces dictate to us how we should behave?

    A sad, sad thing.
  10. flutterbee

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    George Carlin had a hilarious skit years ago on political correctness.

    I can't think of anyone less easy child than him!
  11. Hound dog

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> George Carlin had a hilarious skit years ago on political correctness.</div></div>

    I saw it. He had me rolling. (and I don't often go in for his comedy)
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    A few years ago, our fine city chose to not put the manger scene on the court house lawn as per the protests of one Jewish woman. She had only lived in our small community for less than a year. (We also have symbolic representations of the Jewish faith as well - next to the Christian ones.) The whole community was outraged.

    Then to add insult to injury, that next summer, they city fathers allowed the KKK to come and demonstrate on our court house lawn. I remember thinking "Our world has gone mad". We will not allow the symbolic representation of Peace, Goodwill on our city lawns, but we allow the very symbolic representation of hatred to set up camp and hold a rally? It still makes my blood boil.

    Ahhh - but it was politically correct. Give me a freaking break.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: everywoman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It's not you, Mutt. I've noticed as we become more politically correct, we become more sensitive. </div></div>
    Right. "That offends me" has become the magic phrase that shuts down dialog. Being "offended" carries so much power that some folks are always on the lookout for something to be offended by while the rest of us fall over backwards trying not to offend anyone.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: daisylover</div><div class="ubbcode-body">As a whole society, have we lost our manners and repect for each other as people to the point where we have to have outside forces dictate to us how we should behave?</div></div>
    Good manners suffer when society is splintered into a million groups, each one hypersensitive to being offended. Manners, courtesy, and tact, with broad tacit agreement on cultural norms, are what hold society together; as society is atomized into competing special interest/identity groups (with politicians pandering to and egging it on) that broad agreement goes by the board.
  14. hearts and roses

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    At our very core, we are all human beings, all with similar ways of expressing our joys and disappointments, belief systems and prayer...why can't we ALL treat one another with respect and consideration?

    I think that political correctness is NOT politically correct.

    ...or, as my dad used to say, "He puts his pants on the same way I do - what makes him any less of a man than me?"
  15. muttmeister

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    What I don't understand is why people think they should never be offended. I get offended plenty of times. That's life. I am offended every time a certain politician whom I will not name here comes on TV. I turn off my TV a lot because he is in a position of power and he is on a lot. He offends me. Looking at him bumbling through a speech makes me jump up and down in my living room and curse at the TV. So I turn it off. But I don't expect him to stay off of TV because I find him offensive. I find some people's opinions about certain controversial topics offensive but this is a free country. I certainly don't expect them to shut up just because I find their ideas offensive. I can turn them off; I can walk away, I can stick my fingers in my ears and sing "La, la, la, la" but they still have the right to say what they want and so do I. And I will not be shut up until I'm dead.
    Merry Christmas!
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    I don't understand this...didn't people fight for the right to Free Speech in this country?
  17. Lothlorien

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    Bon Natale.
  18. totoro

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    I don't voice my opinions very often... because most don't agree with me!!! But yes, I feel too many feel the need to push their agenda on others. I wish a Happy Holiday ... A Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa... Whatever... What do I care what you celebrate... how does it affect me??? As long as you are a good person, and honest person and happy... I honestly Wish you the best regardless of your beliefs... even if I agree with them or not.

    Don't tell me what I should believe and I won't tell you... I wish more would follow that mind set...

    And not I don't think there is anything wrong with you....
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    RIGHT ON TOTO!!!!!!!!!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY HANUKKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (i'd like to wish everyone that day! lol)