is this hypomania???

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    About a week ago (in fact just before christmas) difficult child started cutting back on her sleep more and more. psychiatrist told us on monday to "let her sleep when she wants" which I have been "trying" not to do. She is going to bed at 9pm but not falling asleep until midnight or later. Last night when I went to bed at 1230 I thought she was asleep but when I woke at 3 she was awake in her room. She told me this morning that she didn't sleep at all last night (after taking 6mg melatonin).

    Over the last week I have also noticed an increase in her irritability and meltdowns. She has also had an increase in her "happy" moods where she does things like lay on the floor and laugh hysterically for 20 minutes about nothing. She is playful with her siblings and talking to everyone like she is so incredibly happy to be near them. I asked her if she has a lot of thoughts in her head and she told me "I can't hear myself talk like I normally do. Everything just comes out". Then when I asked her if she feels like she has a lot of energy she said yes (this is after a night and full day of no sleep). She has spent a good portion of her day reading--has read
    1 1/2 thick teen books since 8pm last night!!

    What do all you knowledgable cd moms think?? And what do you suggest I do. Her next appointment with psychiatrist isn't until feb and I am considering changing psychiatrists.

    Thanks for reading!!!!
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    It does sound like hypomania -- has she missed any medication doses?

    I would call the psychiatrist ASAP with an update and ask him what you should do in the mean time since it sounds like things could escalate. And if you're looking for a new psychiatrist, start NOW but keep the old one engaged until you get in to see the new one.
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    Yes - sounds well on the way to mania if you ask me but I am not a psychiatrist.

    Has your psychiatrist told you what to do if her symptoms get worse? Discussed when you should call after hours? Give you some idea about behavior that would require hospitalization?

    If not, then you probably do need a new psychiatrist. ASAP.

    If the psychiatrist has talked with you about this stuff, then I would follow the psychiatrist's instructions.

    When in doubt, call, even on the weekend, when you are facing possible mania. Not sleeping for 1 1/2 days and still energized sounds dangerously close to mania to me and I would be on the phone already in your place.

    You don't say how much Abilify she's on or for how long. It can be mood stabilizing but other AP's may be more effective or a combo of medications may be needed. If she's manic, they may put her on lithium - it's generally very effective in controlling mania.

    Another option is to ask psychiatrist about a sedative medication like klonopin to see if you can get her to sleep. If you can get her to sleep it may break the cycle enough that it can be managed without hospitalization. But there are issues with that approach too since klonopin can be dis-inhibiting.

    Final thought is to hit her with 50 mg benadryl - assuming she doesn't have a history of paradoxical reaction to that. If it amps her up then obviously you don't want to do that. if it usually sedates her then go for it tonight.
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    Ok I tried to update my signature but can't get it to work from my phone!! difficult child is 11 now. She is no longer on the abilify but on depakote (500mg in am and pm) and she has a prescription for vistaril to help her sleep. I posted the other day about our psychiatrist appointment where the psychiatrist refused to give her anything different to help her sleep and told me to let her sleep whenever she wants and that psychiatrist doesn't know how to help her because she's not interested in working with them. (According to difficult child there is nothing wrong with her. Its everyone else who has problems).

    difficult child has not missed any doses of her medications and no psychiatrist has not given me any suggestions on how to handle anything. I had planned to call and look into a new psychiatrist this last week but with all the kids home, I haven't had a chance!! Looks like that's top of the list for monday morning!!

    Thank you for responding

    11pm and she is asleep!!! I had her take some simply sleep tonight as it seems to work a little better than than the vistaril. Now we'll see how long she stays asleep. Hopefully all night!!
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    My son had a hypomanic episode right before Christmas--actually ramping up between Thanksgiving and Christmas and peaking with 24 hours of no sleep. Our new psychiatrist, as well as my own therapist, felt very confident calling it hypomania. And, the psychiatrist immediately started treatment to stabilize his mood.

    Your psychiatrist baffles me. I hope you have good luck Monday finding a new psychiatrist. Don't drop the old one yet--though he sounds useless--because you might need him in the meantime. When you make calls tomorrow, try to jump the line for an appointment and emphasize the urgency of the situation.

    I hope you had a good night. Please update us.
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    pepsi, you can change your signature by clicking on the "User CP" (User Control Panel) button at the top of this page, then on the left side bar find the "Edit Signature" button and click there. Be sure to save your changes. :)
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    Sounds like hypomania to me. I'd move up her doctors appointment and try to get a handle on this.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the info on changing my signature!! I have tried to do it, but am unable to on my phone! For whatever reason it doesn't give me the option to save it. Ill have to get on an actual easy child to do it.

    Update: difficult child did sleep last night and when I woke her up at 10am she didn't want to get up but said that she slept good all night. She is still hyper today and has made choices like throwing dog poo at her sisters, inviting them into her room to play a game with her then screaming and yelling at them and hitting them.
    I will be calling either psychiatrist or pediatrician tomorrow for sure!!!