Issues with our Current Doctor

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  1. Good morning,

    Recently my son was admitted into hospital for 5 days, he was completely out of control that day, and we had already been dealing with explosions for about 5 days proior over anything and everything, regardless i took him to the hospital and he was admitted, they observed him and disgnosed him (finally) with ADHD/conduct disorder.
    upon discharge they gave me a one month supply perscription for his new medications. and they actually seem to help, that and i have read the book "the exposive child".
    so yesterday i took him to the doctor that we have been seeing for almost 4 years now, for her to actually get angry at me, for asking her to re fill the prescription. her words were exactly " i am not the hospitals puppet, if they prescibed it they should be over seeing it, and monitoring it" I was furious, Just when i started to think that i was getting somewhere...BAM. she then went on to tell me that she is just a consulting doctor and is not actually his doctor at all. she referred him to a Phycologist 8 months ago, the appointment was 2 days after he was discharged, it was also just a consultation...
    now that i am back to square one, i know what the kid needs, i just need to figure out how to get it, she refuses to refer him to anyone else. she says she has done all that she can.

    I dont understand how a doctor can prescribe medication for 3 years without actually taking them on... it doesnt make sence.

    Has anyone else experienced this or anything simular?
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    Doctors leaving you high and dry? Sure.
    Good answers? nope.

    In an day and age when ANY doctor is hard to get, getting a GOOD one is... both essential and next to impossible.
    Can the hospital doctors recommend a GP and other resources?
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    Ugh! Sounds like the doctor does not want the responsibility of something...I wonder what?

    It's also been my experience that a doctor will dump a patient if they are given an "incurable" diagnosis. Conduct Disorder is not a condition that can usually be "cured" the doctor may be dumping you now, before there is a chance to complain that she is not helping.

    Either way, though - you need a better doctor...someone who is willing to work with you.

    Good luck!
  4. thanks,
    thats my next step, calling the hospital that he stayed at to see if they can recommend anyone, then going to our family doctor to get the referral.
    this isnt even the biggest battle in my future, the school/ school board is next... all i want is to get this kid some help...
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    WE understand. Most of us here have had to walk that road. That's why you'll see terms on this side like: "Warrior Mom" and "armour" and "rhino skin"...
    We'll help you don your armour, sharpen your skills, protect yourself, and... do battle as necessary.

    I'm not sure which is worse, fighting the medical system or fighting the school system!
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    Sending gentle hugs your way. This is a very frustrating situation!