It must be a record

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jun 17, 2008.

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    This must be some sort of a record! In between all of difficult child's usual rudeness he has actually told me three days in a row that he loves me and not after I said it to him first.

    On Sunday, he told me he had to tell me his true feelings but had a hard time so he coughed, "I love you" and asked if I understood what he had said. I said no and he tried again and again. Finally he just told me because I couldn't figure it out.:rofl: He said he had to tell me he loved me because he just couldn't lie. Then he told me how much fun he had with me that day.

    Yesterday, his birthday, he told me he loved me straight out.

    Today we were riding to a store and he asked me, "Mom, how about those Lions?" It took me a second to remember that he uses that as a code word to tell me he loves me. (He stole it from a Home Improvement episode.)

    I don't know what is causing this, I don't care, I'm just enjoying it because I rarely, and I do mean rarely, hear those words from difficult child (or easy child for that matter). Usually I just hear the opposite from difficult child so this is a real treat!
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    Enjoy!! This is a tough age for them so any remembrance they have of Mom as a person on their side who they appreciate and care for is obviously a good sign and a moment to savor!!
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    What an angel.
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    Very nice to hear :)
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    I hope you said, "I love you too."

    Of course you did!

    mother in law used to make a point os saying, "I love you, difficult child 3," to our boy. He was non-verbal at the time and I don't think he had a clue what she meant. But it did mean that when he finally said, "I love you," to anyone, he said it to mother in law first. Again, I don't think he knew what it meant at the time.

    Then one evening a few months later, he walked up to me, put his head in my lap briefly, and said, "I love you, Mum."

    He was gone before I could respond, but I think he was beginning to understand what it meant.

    I remember once when I was angry with him, he said he was said "because you don't love me any more."
    I made sure to tell him that I ALWAYS love him, it's naughtiness that I don't like. Again, it was difficult for him to understand and I think especially difficult children need to be reminded often - we love our difficult children, we just don't like the bad things they do sometimes.

    Any opportunity for expressing unconditional love - grab it!

  7. How wonderful to hear. It's the little things that we treasure the most.

    I still hold in my heart the one time in the last few months my difficult child told me how beautiful my piano playing was that day; he usually just comes in and tells me what I did wrong. Fortunately, he left before he saw me crying.
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    Awww! That is wonderful. Enjoy!

    I was spreading mulch with-my difficult child this a.m. and as usual, he tried to negotiate a payment. This time, a wresting magazine. I said, "What do I get out of it?" He said, "I'll give you a hug."
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    Ahhhh....gotta love it.
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    How wonderful! I hope it continues on!!!!!

    And, loved hearing three extra "grab the heart moments" in the replies to this too ;)
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    PHEW/WHEW - after that piercing thread and now with this one saying it must be a record I gotta tell ya - I thought we were going to hear about a new difficult child piercing record.

    MUCH happier to hear - How about those lions! (that is so clever) :smug:

    Hugs - ENJOY!
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    Thanks All-it really was such a surprise and so nice to hear those words from my difficult child.

    Star-OMG-no more piercings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-lol
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    I am envious both my difficult child's have been doling out noting but abuse these days, I'll take an "I love you" from a stranger right now