It's 2 AM and where am I???

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    difficult child 1 went on a Boy Scout camp weekend with his troop and other troops from the region. They left Friday evening and coming back at noon today (Sunday). Temps here have had highs of 40 and drizzly for almost a week. difficult child 1 wanted to go so bad so he took 2 sleeping bags, an extra large quilt, and lots of extra clothes. He was going to stay warm any way he could. Keep in mind he's 80 lbs dripping wet at almost 15 years old. Great Scout to be prepared.

    It all fell apart last night....

    I get a text around midnight saying he's freezing and can't sleep. Back and forth went on for an hour, me giving him possible solutions and him too focused on the cold. I left home at 1:15 AM to drive an hour one way to pick him up. Here's the condensed version of the situation.

    Friend (B) let his friend (G) use his sleeping bag. difficult child 1 then let B use one of his sleeping bags AND his quilt on Friday night. B used it again last night and was sound asleep. difficult child 1 wouldn't take them back from B because "then B won't have ANYTHING". Then go tell his dad (one of the scout leaders) that you're freezing and let him help you. "All he ever says is suck it up". Then tell J (other scout leader). "He'll just say deal with it like he always does." When I picked him up, his feet (inside 3 pairs of socks and hiking boots) were ice cold to the touch and he said he couldn't feel them. He shivered all the way home with the heat blowing HOT on high the whole hour home and wrapped in a quilt I'd brought along.

    The poor kid is so good at giving the shirt off his back but doesn't know when or how it's ok not to. When difficult child 1 was getting out, B woke up. difficult child 1 told him he was freezing so his mom was here to get him. B's response....."How can you be so cold? I'm nice and toasty." B really doesn't have a clue. He wasn't being mean. He really is "dumb" like that. Anyway, B woke J up and he told difficult child 1 "why didn't you wake me up? ..... We'll talk about this another time." Now difficult child 1 wants to quit scouts. I KNOW it's his flight response. He's scared of what they might say so he'll just avoid it and quit scouts. Sometimes I really do feel sorry for this kid.

    by the way, we got home and to bed around 3:30 AM. I woke up at 9 and difficult child 1 was already up for awhile and is still cold. I made him go back to his bed and turn the electric blanket on. I'm tired, he's tired and cold....NOT going to be a good day.
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    Ugh! How frustrating. I hope he calms down and stays with Scouts. Hope today is not awful!
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    Oh my word. You are a great mommy.
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    They can be such pains and then they do something like this that shows how truly vulnerable they are. I tend to forget that.
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    Oh dear! I had a feeling he gave it away when I read the description. Arrgh.
    I hope he warms up and that he understands why it's not good to give away things like that!