It's snowing in NE again.............

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Yesterday, I restaked a tree in our yard, I walked the dogs all over the neighborhood, I played a mean game of stick with the pups, I refilled the bird feeders and then sat to watch the many varieties enjoy their fine fare of seeds, I fixed a rock garden in my yard that had been disturbed by the big trucks during our recent tree removal, I reorganized the shed a little so my gardening things were accessible for the upcoming Spring cleaning weekends. I ran into neighbors I haven't seen since Halloween, out in their own yards raking the leaves from the remaining chunks of snow under their shrubs - so deserate are we to get outside and get ready for the warmer weather. I mean, how pathetic is it to be raking debris from the snow in your gardens? LOL. Anyway, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. I spent a lot of time outdoors and really enjoyed it. It was sunny and somewhat warm with temps in the low 50's.

This morning I woke up, lazily at 9:30 (can't believe H let me sleep in!), to snowy sleet coming down upon my pansies on the patio, onto my newly staked tree and finished rock garden. Ugh. Doesn't Mother Nature know that it's mid-April?? Doesn't she realize that even most New Englanders typically turn off the heat by April 15th?? I had buds on my forsythia and lilac bushes for goodness sakes! And my daffodils are playing prairie dog on my - first they are popping out, then they almost look like they are retreating back into the earth! The flowering plum, the newly transplanted and staked tree in our front yard, has buds all over it, and I was actually praying yesterday as I righted it and staked it firmly, that it would actually bloom this year. And now there is snow on it.

I want Spring!


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It's been very cold here all week and yesterday it began snowing around 6 P.M. just as predicted. We woke to about 2" on the ground. It's still very cold and windy here. I am so sick of this weather and depressed that all my flowers and trees will not bloom.


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Sorry you are getting snow-we got some last week. I hate to to tell you we had a beautiful day in the high 50s today. Maybe our nice weather will come your way next.