It's that time of year... be careful when pruning!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Just a little caution/reminder to all of those fellow klutzes out there!!!

Well difficult child 2 has this bad habit of clinging to me, hanging on my legs. When she gets scared or nervous... she falls a lot when doing this, so I am trying to teach her not to do this, especially from behind. She did it the other day at the post office, tiny building we know Gail our postal lady really well, yet the minut we enter the door difficult child 2 freaks jumps on my leg. She did it on Tuesday and fell and hit the edge of the counter and now has a huge purple bruise on her entire ear!!!

So Wednesday we were gardening... I was making up baskets. Well I had the brand new very sharp pruning shears in my hand and was cutting something, when difficult child 2 flung herself on to my leg! They tried to cut off the tip of my finger!!!

Well blood everywhere... of course. I have no one to call and can't really drag the girls to urgent care, it was 6pm. I thought it would be OK!!!
husband yelled at me on the phone to get one of the neighbors...
Well it didn't stop bleeding by the next morning, duh! We had Occupational Therapist (OT), so I showed her. Well by the time I went to urgent care of course it was too late to stitch. So they had to stick needles in my finger to numb it up, not. Then dig around to clean it up, yuck!!! tape it up. I am not supossed to get it wet etc. until at least Tuesday. HA HA. Actually I am doing pretty good.

So everyone I thought I would just remind you all to be careful!!! and if you think it needs stitches it probably does!!! :hammer: