I've Been Avoiding You

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    I don't know why, but I went from being here daily to nothing: fear, guilt, exhaustion, embarrassment .... I don't know.

    The kids have started back to school (a week ago) and things must be going pretty good. I received an email from difficult child's teacher saying he had a great first day, then Tuesday she responded to my email and said things were going well. I talked with- the bus driver this afternoon and she said she hasn't had any problems with difficult child at all. Great! I'm glad he's being good at school.

    Now let's work on the homework arguments that happen daily. Literally, it makes my head spin when he starts arguing over doing homework.

    While talking with- the bus driver today, she told me he came up and talked to her this morning and told her he was leaving on Friday. She told him good luck and hope he gets the help he needs and she'll see him next year.

    I'm here sitting on pins and needles waiting for the phone call from the facility with approved or disapproved status from the state. I've got his bunny, blanket, pillow and pillow case in the wash ready for packing with his clothes tonight (pending approval). The plan is to leave Friday after the other 2 kids leave for school.

    I have kinda backed out socially ~ talking only to those in immediate inner circle. Unsure of what to expect. Hoping I can stay strong enough to not break down before I leave the front doors of the facility. :anxious:
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    He has been accepted!
  3. This is great! I know this is very difficult. My difficult child has been in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) since 7/1 and I know it is hard having him gone - I can't imagine a younger child. Just know you are doing this for him. And also remember that everyone here on this site is here for you.

    Sending many hugs,

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    Don't feel bad for avoiding us. When things get to a certain point, I withdraw, too. Turn inward, whatever you want to call it. Just need time to process it all.

    I'm glad he was accepted.

    ((((hugs)))) for you Mommy Heart.
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    Sending strength! I know this has to be so hard - why do things that are right to do have to be so hard?

    Also sending hugs to each person in your family as you each go through an adjustment period.

    Come here and vent every time you need to. We know!
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    I know this is going to be hard. It seems like as parents of our children, we are always second guessing ourselves and wondering why it has to be so difficult. But, you are giving your son the opportunity to work on his issues while he is still young enough. God bless you for this selfless act.
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    Thank you ladies for not making me feel so isolated. It's a voluntary placement, so I know it's the right thing (or I wouldn't be doing it) and he will get the help he needs. They will document everything and wow, psychiatrists will probably listen to them (unlike me).

    I was quite happy to hear something today. When I called down to the psychiatric's office that we saw the end of July, I asked the nurse what the psychiatric put down for a diagnosis .... explaining I didn't expect her to have a diagnosis of her own since she only saw him once. The nurse read off: ADHD, ODD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), uneven cognitive development and to MONITOR him for Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified! I've been talking autism spectrum disorders for a very long time ~ for me to read the DSM, he fits. So I was happy to see that monitoring continuation in there.

    I've had headaches every day since school started ~ stress related to difficult child's placement. I know my blood pressure is up ~ I've always had normal and when using those machines at stores, I'm in the low hypertension range (there's normal, prehypertension, low and high hypertension).
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    so glad you got good news, prayers for a smooth transition for you, difficult child and the rest of your family
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    I'm so glad he hasn't been accepted and can get the help he needs. Sending many prayers your way.