.I've started taking over


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I got the money to start a new checking account and I did it. I feel like I'm betraying husband, and that is probably how he will see it. Even though if I don't do this he will spend us out of house and home.

We had a fight tonight. A really stupid fight. I can handle the difficult children and easy child, but I can't handle husband. I'm so tired.


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Emilyislost, in my mind your first priority is caring for your very young children. He can participate or you can take precautions that your children will not be without a home.
He may not like it but that is the way of nature. Mothers protect their young. Everyone else can get in line.


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You had to do it, guilt or not, it had to be done. Better have a little guilt on your hands than no food on the table. If he get's that upset about it then he can do something to change his ways and learn how to participate more responsibly with the finances. If he doesn't, then it's his problem.

Take care of yourself. Hugs.