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    To qualify, you're going to have to hitch the house to the car and drive to California.
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    Ahhh...seems I am not the only person who wants them to go nationwide like Extreme home makeovers. Speaking of Extreme...they are in Myrtle Beach this week. For the second time.

    I cant attempt to get them to come help us because we dont technically own the property we live on. Its heir property that Tony has with his 5 brothers and sister. We live on it with lifetime rights with their consent. None of them wanted it nor do they want to pay upkeep or taxes but they didnt want to sign it over to us either. Its not worth a plug nickle but they wouldnt sign it over even though we have been paying the taxes on it for 20 years.
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    Interesting Janet. I wonder.....just curiosity. But since you have been paying the taxes...and Tony is partial heir.....you might want to consult a lawyer who specializes in real estate. It probably doesn't make any difference, but it never hurts to ask. :)