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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by busywend, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. busywend

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    OK, so I have made 3 of the apple/pear pies. Each time there were some fruit pieces that were not cooked through all the way. Some were perfect, some just too crunchy. What did I do wrong?

    I used Macouns and a firm pear. The crumbly topping was delicious!
  2. busywend

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  3. hearts and roses

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    Oh, hmmm.

    My apple pie fillings are usually firm, but not crunchy. And the pear/apple pie is almost never even firm.

    All I can think of is....

    I cover my pie for the first 15-20 minutes to prevent overbrowning - maybe that has an affect?

    If it's still a problem....

    My mother swears that par-boiling the apples prior makes for a perfect pie. I tried it but I must have over-boiled them because mine came out too mushy.

    Experiment and find your balance.
  4. busywend

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    I covered only the crust. That could do it!

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    Could it be that some of the pieces were sliced thicker than the others? I've never tried baking pears but I would imagine they'd cook slower than apples too. Maybe if you sliced the pears thinner than the apples ... ? Different kinds of apples are firmer and take longer to cook than others too, and some aren't good for baking at all and will turn to mush.

    When I make apple pies from scratch, I try to make all the slices the same thickness, fairly thin. I start it off at 400 degrees for about ten minutes, then turn it down to 325 and let it bake very slowly until it's completely done. If the edges get a little too brown, you can put foil over them
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    That is a good point, donna! I always slice my apples fairly thin. Incidentally, the apples take longer than the pears. Pears are a very soft and porous fruit compared to apples. Just and FYI. lol.

    I have two pies in the fridge - a sweet potato and a pecan, both delish and rapidly disappearing!! yum
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    I made JoG's recipe also. I had the same result (fruit seemed undercooked). I think there was too much fruit in mine. I almost doubled the baking time and it was a little better - but still the fruit was quite firm. Next time I'll try to use a softer apple (like a Mac) and very ripe pears. That may help too.

    It was a wonderful taste though. I haven't given up on the recipe.
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    I guess you're right about the pears! I was thinking of the hard-as-rocks things they have in our grocery store! If you can ever find really good RIPE pears, they're wonderful!

    I'm the one in the produce aisle who's secretely squeezing the pears to see if they're ripe or not! Usually they're not.
  9. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    When I was making these pies, I was using pears from a local farm and they were quite ripe! And I think I use macouns or jonagold(?) apples - also from the farm. I think if you're looking for a much softer pie, the par-boiling method may be of some help.

    Donna, I squeeze and sniff all the fruits <blush>.