Just A Typical Day With difficult child 1

Friday, difficult child 1 gets in the car after school, and before I can even say hi, he says, "Mr. (Assistant Principal) will probably call you - he might give me a 3 hour)! I said "What???" difficult child 1 repeats exactly what he said the first time. I said, "difficult child 1, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about! Please slow down and tell me what is going on in a way I can understand." difficult child 1 appears annoyed. difficult child 1 says, "I told you!!!" Now I have to ask a zillion questions to get the information out of him - a root canal would be more fun!!!

I finally got to the bottom of it - well, at least difficult child 1's version. difficult child 1 said that the assistant principal might be giving him a three hour detention all because he was 16 minutes late to his french class. When I asked difficult child 1 why he was so late getting to class, he said that he wanted to finish eating his lunch. He said that the french teacher and the assistant principal were going to talk and decide whether or not he was going to get a "three hour" (:hammer:). I would get a phone call (Lucky Me!!!) :hammer:

Then after a moment of silence, difficult child 1 says, "But, don't worry. Mr.(Assistant Principal) told me he'll make it at a time that is convenient for you. :rofl: :hammer: :rofl: :hammer: etc... I guess I have to find the humor wherever I can... :rofl: :hammer: :grrr: ....

Well, since it is now saturday evening, I guess I'll just have to be in suspense until Monday... I KNOW difficult child 1 is leaving a large part of friday's adventure out :grrr: !!! At least life with difficult child 1 is NEVER BORING!!! Stay tuned for part two... WFEN

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Geez, WFEN & your point is???? :hammer: :rofl:

I always wait to hear "the other side of the story" before worrying about incidents. kt, my drama queen, has a tendency to embellish, if you will, the incident in question. In other words, it was nothing.

wm, on the other hand, tries hard to blow off any reported incident from school - "you know, mom, all teachers lie". That's his story & he's sticking to it! :smile:

Keep us updated :warrior:

difficult child 1 is usually more like wm than kt in circumstances like this. difficult child 1 usually only mentions something if the situation is much worse than he is willing to admit. And, like wm, difficult child 1's version is the correct one!!! It's not his fault if teachers lie :rofl: :hammer:!!!

Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised :surprise: !!! Maybe, just this once, difficult child 1 is acting more like kt than wm... Anyway, I'll definitely update next week... WFEN

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At least your difficult child mentions something-mine always says his days were good-no matter what the note says. :rolleyes:

I hope it isn't anything more than what difficult child said it was. And you're right life with a difficult child is never boring!!Hugs.


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Ahh, WFEN, I know how it feels to try to pull teeth :hammer:

Dylan's stories were never the same as the schools. It was always 100x worse. I hope there isn't anything serious here. FWIW, I think if it was something serious, you would have gotten a call Friday night.

Finally, an update - I got the call from the Assistant Principal Sunday evening. Apparently difficult child 1 was busy talking during most of lunch on friday. Friday is pizza day at the high school. It gets delivered by a local pizza place. There were a few left over pizzas and the cafeteria staff decided to sell them for $8.00 each.

Even though there wasn't much time left in difficult child 1's lunch period, he bought a whole pizza and decided to eat it by himself. He absolutely hates his french class, so when the bell rang, he didn't care. He sat in the cafeteria and ate the entire pizza. Then, when he was finished, he went to his french class. He was 16 minutes late!!! :grrr:

difficult child 1 didn't see what the problem was. Afterall, he had to eat. He didn't see why he should have a detention. He thought the Assistant Principal and his french teacher should "chill out." :hammer: He showed up, didn't he? :hammer:

Well, to make a long story short, he had his three hour detention this afternoon. husband told him that he would pick him up when it was over, but, if he wasn't there, difficult child 1 should start walking. husband let him walk a about 10 minutes before picking him up. We live a good six miles from the high school. in my humble opinion, husband should have let him walk all the way home!!! (Of course leaving difficult child 1 alone for a six mile walk isn't such a good idea. You NEVER know what kind of trouble he'll get into but that's another story!)

Well, Janna, you were right! It wasn't too serious. No one got hurt. Nothing violent happened. It was just difficult child 1 being difficult child 1. Afterall, don't you know, he is better than the rest of us!!! :hammer: He is entitled to do as he pleases!!! :rofl: :hammer:
Just a typical day in the life of difficult child 1 :grrr: Thanks everyone for the support and letting me vent. :flower: WFEN


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Oh, wow, I hear you!
(Love the sarcasm, too! LOL!)
So sorry... glad your husband made him walk part of the way home. Natural consequences are great!