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  1. Shari

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    My DEX has a new girlfriend, and despite DEX having nothing to do with his children for the past 6 years, she is doing her best to be their new mom. She wants wee difficult child to come "be part of their family". She's buying stuff for difficult child 1's baby and planning to go there when the baby is born (despite being told she's not welcome). DEX still has nothing to do with them, but the girlfriend sure is trying.
    She was just fired from her job, and they just bought a $500+ grill and a huge LCD HD tv. And all I want is to apply for medicaid to have better access to what difficult child needs and not stir the pot so they won't disrupt difficult child's world. DEX's child support is next to nothing and he doesn't pay it, and frankly, its not enough to make a big different in my world. But I don't wanna hear about their great new electronics, either, when my last paycheck was less than half of what it should be because I had to take off and deal with difficult child. And I dang sure don't wanna hear about this new "girlfriend" and her dreams of being this great big happy family...
    Then easy child 2 came last night, our one school night a week, like usual.... Back when husband and One Broom split, One Broom filed for child support thru DSS claiming to be raising 2 kids when in fact, she only had easy child 2, PLUS was still getting child support money for the other kid that she didn't even have. husband got her down to a reasonable (albeit wrong) amount for support and then filed thru the court to get a court order for custody, support, and visitation (instead of thru DSS). He makes less than One Broom but pays roughly 70% of easy child 2's support based on One Broom's little "fraud".
    ANYWAY...One Broom, who pays no child care, no house payment or rent, no car payment, no medical expense, AND is now getting money handed to her from her folks cause she can't make ends meet (she and her hubby work full time), apparently can't pay for anything for easy child 2 now. In addition to the field trips and hair conditioner she wouldn't pay for, and tutoring we already pay for, easy child 2 showed up again last night, needing money for yet another field trip, snacks for the trip, and a swimsuit for the trip. The trip is on Friday. The money and snacks had to be turned in yesterday, but mom wouldn't give it to her to take with her to school yesterday, so we were scrambling around last night to get the stuff back to school before the cutoff. She's gained 30 pounds in the past year, so obviously her swimsuit from last year doesn't fit, but I didn't have time to take her shopping, so she's wearing a too small 2 piece that doesn't match (and hopefully a shirt over it).
    I won't take it out on easy child 2 and deny her the field trips, etc, but this is getting ridiculous.
    Thanks for listening.
  2. gcvmom

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    Ugh. That is ridiculous. Vent away! Sorry the people around you are such idiots...
  3. JJJ

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    I remember a few of those "happily ever after" GFs of my biodad. It was almost amusing when I was older and could mess with their minds :winks:

    But with wee difficult child being only 6, it has to be rough. You are under no obligation to let a girlfriend (aka a legal stranger) talk to your kids. easy child can tell the hospital that she does not want her there and the hospital should take care of it for her (she can also block DEX if she wants).

    I hope she ends up being a short term girlfriend and flies away soon.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911



    I think she's a Numbskull 2009.

    (Oh Harry Potter you are so bad)
  5. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Ah, man! I didn't think of girlfriend being another broom!

    Closet's full, she must leave.

    ExMIL went to "their" house for dinner a couple days ago and she said this girlfriend of 2 months has more pictures of bio-dad's family hanging in her house than exMIL, me (I have all the family still up in my house), and both of his brothers' families, combined. Scarey.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Maybe you should nickname her Dustpan... to go with the Brooms? Or... Broomhilda! Or is she more of a Mop head? Spongemop... Spongemop Squarepants?

    Spring Cleaning, anyone? :p
  7. mstang67chic

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    That's what the shed out back is for. Waaaaaaaaay out back. The one that's all dark, creepy and filled with spiderwebs.

    Speaking of creepy.


    I agree. Hope she goes the way of the do-do soon.
  8. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Oh my...just got back from town. girlfriend's pregnant teenage daughter works at one of the local gas stations.

    I stopped for gas and wee difficult child went inside ahead of me with a dollar to buy a water (only in a small town - don't worry). The daughter was the only one working. She left the counter with 2 other customers in the store to go to the cooler with difficult child so she could help him and give him a hug. She called wee difficult child by his full name. These aren't people we'd know otherwise and wee difficult child has no idea who they are. The daughter has never met him otherwise.

    This is just entirely too strange.
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Kind of a big ICK factor going on with those folks, huh? (Fade Twilight Zone muzak...)
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    GCV, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    Yes, she sounds very creepy indeed. All sorts of boundaries being crossed there.

    Was wee difficult child freaked out by a (to him) total stranger hugging him in the store? Or, being an adorable little munchkin, is he used to getting that sort of attention?

    Sounds like she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic, does the girlfriend.

    I too hope she fades away soon.

  11. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Yeah, he was freaked out. As we walked out, he said "Who IS that girl? How does she know me?"

    ExMIL suggested I stop using that gas station. Then she said ther the girl's mom (the girlfriend), works at this other station, so she'd avoid it, too. lol