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Hi all...My 11 year old son, whom I suspect suffers from ODD, had a meltdown yesterday serious enough for my husband to take him to the emergency room. While they were gone I searched the net, found this site, read some of the posts, and headed to the health food store where I bought fish oil and a calcium/magnesium supplement. I am desperate, as I read many of you were until you found the 'key' to unlock your child's prison door. I want to have him tested for food allergies. My pediatrician does not know where to send him for heavy metal testing, which is something I read about last week on the internet. There seem to be a thousand ways to start this journey. I want to take the path that leads to some improvement soon! He is now having these rages more frequently and last week had one at church. No problem at school yet, but don't want it to start there so the kids don't tag his as 'different'...he's in sixth grade. Any advice for getting started?


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Welcome Lovekeepstrying!

You have found a great place full of support and understanding. Many of us have had similar challenges - although no two situations are exactally alike. Let me start with a I know how stressful it can be. It's frustrating that you can't find a way to help your child.

What helped us the most was looking into biomedical doctors. These vary from typical western medication because they take a nutritional look at the body as a whole i.e. could be the gut and or allergies causing nurological problems and the answer could be vitamins, suppliments and or a traditional perscription.

Our dr tested difficult child for allergies (traditional and intolerances) vit & mineral defficencies, metal overload etc)

Some doctors are called DAN! (defeat autism now) some centers are simply called biomedical. Some western medication facilities are embrasing the biomedical treatment - Harvard ladders program, university of flordia and the university of MD.

There has also been congressional testomony on the treatment.

Studies vary on biomedical treatment effectiveness... I've read on average 60% of children show marked improvement. I know there are some members here where it didn't help much however we have had HUGE improvements. Honestly I cried when I found our dr.. I was beginning to think there was no hope. After 2+ years of searching for the right dr we had finally found her.

Let us know how things are going. Hang in there... others will be along soon to give you guidance on getting official diagnosis and support for your difficult child.
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What types of behavioral and therapeutic interventions have you already tried for your child? It is important to have a comprehensive plan, which includes as many supports as needed.
Dietary changes can have a big effect. You can try to avoid as many dyes, preservatives and additives as possible. Try to make the diet as natural as you can.
A homeopathic physician can also be a big help. www.homeopathic.org