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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Jan 12, 2007.

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well the past 2 days I have spent on the phone trying to find a Neurobehaviorist PHD who could assess etc. easy child and still trying to find a local psychiatrist. Well of course the answer has been NO... No new patients. Then they tell me yesterday that the one psychiatrist I was on a wait list for is leaving!!! They are officially in crisis mode now looking for 2 new psychiatrists... sorry. SO the lady gives me a number in Spokane about 2 hours away, So today I spend on the phone...no new patients, etc. FINALLY...I am like what am I going to do... my psychiatrist is too busy in Chicago to take calls and I can't fly back and forth whenever! SO I get one last number from a really nice lady...call and they can get us in at the end of March!!! (YEAH) And the number led me to a number for a phd who evaluations peds. for autism and nuero-development abnomalities!!!!(YEAH)

    AND my family doctor called and she likes us so much she asked her daughter if she would be interested in babysitting for a really nice family (us) with a daughter with some issues... I started crying. She called me at home, how thoughtful. Then she said she knows we are worried about public school etc. but she knows the lady who is in charge of handling tha IEP's, 504's and she said if we ever have a problem we can call her and she will TALK to her... she has done it before. I was blown away.

    So I just wanted to let all you other warriors know that we can push and get some thing done once in awhile, and people are still kind even doctors!!! I have such a warm fuzzy feeling inside....

    Funny even though the little terrors are in the other room destrying it... gotta go start signing the clean up song...I feel good....
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    yeah, I remember that- we had an abnormal MRI in hand and a wait for the appointment to discuss it of 9 months. UG! and the wait for a 2nd opinion on it was 2 YEARS long---shortage of specialists, even in the city.

    LOL I also remember the clean up song, I STILL sing it and the kids crack up. (I tend to sing LOTS of childrens songs- especially in the car) LOL
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    You have a wonderful family doctor on your side. I'm glad you're finally getting some local help -- you really need it. And a babysitter on top of all that -- you've hit the jackpot!
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Thanks- I really can't believe how thoughtful she is... she and our pediatrician have been great!!! It is finding all of the other resources that have been so difficult... like everywhere it seems. They suggested I call the local paper and try to get them to write a story about the lack of help here... especially for the really young ones.
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    Go warrior mom-- :warrior: Somehow you managed to find a doctor and find a babysitter. I hope all goes well. I am quite impressed with your doctor--to be so caring and thoughtful. It is so hard to find a good babysitter.
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    Way To Go warrior mom! :warrior:The family doctor sounds great!
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    Sometimes, especially after a lot of persistence, good things happen.

    Good news!

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    You must be feeling terrific, what a great advocate you are for your children!

    Andrea :bravo:
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    you go girl! that is wonderful to have a doctor who will back you up like that and what a blessing to be able to have a sitter!
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well I called my Doctors daughter and she is coming in the morning to meet the girls... I am so nervous!!! I have never had an official babysitter!!! We hired someone over 2 years ago online and we had her for a year and we loved her. difficult child is besides herself with excitment... silly little thing...

    I also called our pediatrician. to let them know the best psychiatrist in the area was leaving and the ongoing struggle of trying to find a psychiatrist in the area... and to let them know I found ONE... they were so dismayed at the situation here but glad I gave them the name of the psychiatrist I found. No-one had let them know that the psychiatrist was leaving... typical.

    I also found a support group but it is an hour away and the roads are so bad this time of year... I am not sure if it something I want to risk. I would not get home until late. I think it runs 2x's a month I am going to call and at least see if it is one that focuses at all on parents???

    Hope everyone is getting along ok this weekend, we are in a deep freeze... :smile:
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    I'm so happy for you. Way to go :warrior: