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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by PatriotsGirl, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Well, difficult child came home the day before yesterday and her eyes still look funny, still has light sensitivity and now has redness and pain in the cartilage of her ear - I think the staph infection is still there and now spreading. She is not a clean girl. AT ALL. Staph is very hard to treat and won't go away if you are living "dirty". As in, dog **** that has been in her room all week that I refuse to pick up - not showering every day, etc. Spending the night who knows where with who knows who doing who knows what. So, I tell her she needs to stay home so I can keep an eye on her and bring her back to the doctor. She crashed, woke up and binged on food and then back to crashing (typical). So she left in the middle of the night last night - with out permission. I texted her this morning and let her have it and told her if she did not go home I was issuing a warrant for her as a runway. She said she was going home. Good - told her to really clean that room when she got there. Did she? Of course not! Hubby went home from work and she is crashed in bed again. I am sooo done with this loser lifestyle this girl is living!!!! So, I called her PO and told her we need to get this girl into rehab because I cannot keep her in the home and there is nothing more I can do to help her and this infection will nto go away with this lifestyle she is living. PO said to have her come in for a random drug test and put all the blame on her. But why do I feel a tinge of guilt about calling her PO on her? I shouldn't. I am doing the right thing for her. She NEEDS rehab. I NEED to get over this dang guilt feeling!
    Oh, about the "job". Yeah, she didn't actually get the job, yet, but supposedly the lady interviewing her told her she was 100% sure she had the job. Um, yeah, not the same as "getting" the job. I asked her if she called and she claimed she called this morning and is waiting for the lady to call her back....hmmm.....looks like I may have gotten prematurely excited.
    I just can't do this anymore. It is always drama, drama, drama and nothing ever changes. I am tired of having to take time off because she can't take care of herself or lead a decent lilfe. I am TIRED.
    Well, this drug test should come back dirty and I pray we will now know what she is doing because I do not think pot would make you crash for days at a time...

    Thank you for letting me vent....everytime I get hopeful about her she does something to change it all back :(
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    I'm so sorry. It sounds like she has worn you down. Of course, you feel some guilt with turning in your own child but she will be safe, given meals and hopefully no drugs. Sounds like a better way to go than running around with infections and a pretty dirty lifestyle. I don't blame you for wanting the drama to be over. Good luck with the drug test.
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    You're right about the guilt. Just do what you have to do. {hugs}
    Sorry about "the job."
    I think the surprise drug test is a great idea.
    Best of luck.