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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have really bad tendanitis in my right elbow and after 4 weeks of physical therapy and the pain moving into the back of my hand they figure it's from my computer work and using the mouse, which is what I do everyday at work.

At work I have moved to left hand mousing, which isn't easy, and I'm trying to take a break for the weekend on doing to much on the computer to see if it makes a difference.

So, for a few days I will be reading and trying not to respond, which won't be easy, but I have to try!! I'll probably being going through heavy withdrawals by tomorrow morning.

Just wanted you all to know I'm here and reading, but trying not to type :smile:


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Awwwwwwwwwww sorry Karen we will miss you but understand. by the way have you looked into a remote Mouse? My sister in law gave me one to help with my problems. I found it difficult to do my graphics with but it was Ok for everything else. You can keep it in your hand comfortably in your lap while using it. -RM


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Hope you can at least lurk to keep up with all the "goings on".... We will miss your posts, but know you are with us in spirit....</span>



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I am having the same problem and have found that it helps to use the touchpad on the laptop rather than using a mouse. Curving my hand over the mouse and using the wheel seems to exacerbate the problem.

I don't like using the touchpad but I am getting used to it.

I hope you feel better soon.

I hope your pain eases soon. I will miss your posts. You are always so kind, even if you have to be rutally honest! Take care of that hand.

Oh, that's too bad, Karen!

It's good to know you will be here reading along, though.

Maybe a hot pack would help? You can make them with a wet cloth and one of those zip lock bags in the mircrowave really easily and with no mess.

Dammit Janet told us once about hot (or cold packs) which can be made by filling a sweatsock with rice and tying it at the top with a big :censored2: band. Then, you can put it in the freezer for cold, or the mircowave for hot.

I tried that, and it worked really well.

Wishing quick healing!




Karen, Motrin or Advil works great too as long as it doesn't bother your stomach. But, you've got to take it three times a day, even if the pain stops, for about six weeks. (Used to work for a neurologist, and he suggested this when I hurt my knee, skiing. It WORKED!)

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I hope the rest does some good.

I tried left handed mousing when my shoulder was broken. I think I lasted 3 days tops. It drove me nuts.

I switched to left-hand mousing 15 years ago for the same reason. Now it is so natural to me that I feel odd using it on the right. And I never did develop the tendonitis on the left side for some reason. If you stick with it when your elbow gets better, it gets easier and easier. And there's a side benefit to left-handed mousing (and vice-versa, if you're a southpaw): it leaves your dominant hand free to take notes without constantly having to set the pencil down to move the mouse.

Hang in there and I hope your elbow clears up soon.


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I am getting used to it, so maybe I will just stick with it. My I.T. Director is willing to purchase any kind of mouse I think would help for my right hand, but I'm sort of reconsidering because after 6 days of left hand mousing, my right arm is beginning to feel better.


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Would a trackball be better for your right hand? It uses more thumb and finger action rather than wrist movement. I wasn't sure what your capability was.... I think you are doing okay left handed, but if you keep using left hand won't that one go the way of right?


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I'm going to ask my P/T this afternoon which would work better, but the problem seems to be going from my ring finger up my arm and she thinks it's the way I grip the mouse, not so much my wrist movement.