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Hi All,
I hate it when Friday becomes stressful! First, I was looking at my online cell phone account and noticed $30.00 worth of charges for "voice". It was on Emily's phone (difficult child 1)--we have a family plan and as long as she isn't using too many minutes I have allowed her to keep that phone. Well, I called the phone company to find out what these charges were actually for and they said she had made 20 calls to Information at 1.49 a piece. I have spoken to her about this before so I was infuriated. I called and left her a message, telling her that I am checking the account each day and if I see even one more call to Info I would cut off her phone. I told her to quit being so lazy and get a "f------" phone book--nice language, huh? I also told her that her birthday is coming up and at this point I am too angry to care. I guess I should have waited til I cooled off. It was just the last straw I guess. If it was an isolated incident I would have just called and told her not to make information calls. But after her abandoning the apt., still being with loser boyfriend, all the pain and heartache of the past 19 years, I guess I just lost it.

Then, a few minutes later, Molly (difficult child 2) called--crying hysterically. She had missed the bus to her therapy appointment. She had missed her last 2 appts. for reasons like oversleeping, etc. I told her to call her therapist since it was now her appointment. time. She did call and they had a phone session so that is good.

While talking with her she said she didn't want to go downtown because she was afraid she would see Emily. (Molly's appts. are generally downtown and Emily lives down there). She said that when she saw Emily last (about a week ago) that she told her something "terrible" and told her not to tell. We have been through this before and I told her before to tell Emily not to tell her anything she doesn't want others to know. I asked what it was and she said she would rather tell her therapist so I said that was okay. We talked a little more, however, and I was guessing--I asked if she was pregnant, was she raped again, was she doing drugs again. She said "no, it is something she is planning to do." We got off the phone so she could call her therapist and the only thing I can think of is maybe she is getting married to loser boyfriend which is okay with me--she wouldn't be my responsibility anymore. They are 2 peas in a pod, they deserve each other.

I'll let you know if I find out her "terrible" news. Just frustrated right now with both of those kids!

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Program the free 411 number into the cell phone. 1-800-373-3411. You have to listen to some advertisement each time, but then you get the number for free. I programmed it into both of my kids phones.

As far as the other one, Don't you just love the constant drama??

Fridays shouldn't be stressful. We should all be able to look forward to nice uneventful weekends.
Hi Jane,

I can totally relate to the frustration over the info calls... been there done that. Our difficult child has a positive genius for maximizing phone bills. She can smoke out whatever features are not included in any given plan and use it like crazy. First cell phone we had, years and years ago, was outrageously expensive, something like 25 cents/minute off peak and 40 cents peak. I got it for wife and the kids to keep in the car, "only for emergencies". First month's bill, $575. All difficult child. Thirty, forty cell phone calls per day. We're talking seven pages of call details - two columns, front and back, small print. All on the peak rate, naturally. She thought she could get away with this by keeping the calls short -- all that did was get the last few seconds rounded up to a full minute each time. And she still managed to be on the land line for hours every night. I may have used the f-word to her, I know that "WTF!?!?" was the first thing I thought when I opened that bill. difficult child was banned from the phone. Of course she thought that was horribly unfair. All her friends had cell phones, etc.

Another time I got a phone with unlimited local calls. difficult child was unbanned from the phone. Lo and behold, difficult child suddenly discovered a need for daily, lengthy conversations with two girlfriend's back in Texas. (When we lived in TX, these two and our J ran up multiple hundreds of $s on calls to 900 numbers (i.e., sex talk lines). They "thought they were free" and "just did it for laughs". I managed to get most of the charges removed for that one, as did the other girls' parents.) Oh, and of course, she discovered 411.

Egad, that would drive me crazy if someone told me difficult child was planning to do something bad but wouldn't say what!

Seems like you are dealing with the frustration pretty well though... Hang in there.


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Jane, no wonder you feel angry enough to swear like a drunken sailor...lol

how much can a person take?

My easy child son will not answer his calls when it is ant. he cks caller ID and says he doesnt even want to hear his name.

I too got a call from ant...usually I do not take his calls either but I have his son here and was being nice to let him talk with Kaleb.

What ant wanted was for me to give him 800.00 so he could move into a diff apartment with the new girl. I said no. he told me off and hung up on me. back to screening calls.

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And my kids wonder why I won't let them have cell phones. :rofl:

Now darn it to heck, fridays should be good days. I hope the day gets better for you.


Sorry this is so stressful. Hugs and hope for a better weekend.

You post reminded me of that one cell phone commercial, where the mom is yelling at her daughter (who is maybe 11) for too many text charges...and the kid only answers in acronyms.

"Who are your texting 50X a day?"
"I don't know, my BFF Jill?"

"OMG! THSNF!" (that is no not fair, after mom takes phone away)

Made me laugh. Doesn't take much for me.