Just when I thought the season was over....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Debdeb1031, Nov 23, 2007.

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    <SIGH> after going through the late summer and fall with one kid in football and another in baseball, i was so glad sports were over til the spring (winter is/or rather was our break time)...but silly me had to look on the forums for the state and saw a <GULP> winter/spring football league for my anthony about 20 minutes away...i still have to sign him up, but practices begin december 1 and last til the secong week in may...oh what was i thinking....lol...just a little happy sarcasm ladies...to see anthony get all excited (as well as the other 5 men in our lives) makes it so worthwhile...he's a big boy (although he is kicking major butt on his no carb diet) and he faithfully lifts his 8 lb weights everyday...but i just had to whine a little for the rushing all over the place routine that will soon be coming...so thanks for listening..:)
  2. Hound dog

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    Kuddos to you, cuz I doubt seriously I could do all that running during the entire year.

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    As an older mom who put in absolute years of soccer, hockey, soccer, baseball, soccer and more soccer I have to say I really missed doing the sports thing even though it was every weekend running around trying to find shin guards, baseball bats, etc at the last minute as he was so disorganized. When he first started getting in trouble, I remember driving by the school yard with the sign for ASYO signups, or I would see the kids playing, and I found myself in absolute tears.

    But this past year difficult child has dropped most of the unsavory activities he had acquired :slap:, and has gone back to playing soccer again religiously with an adult club team. Even though I am not allowed to yell and scream from the bleachers anymore (Mom, I am a grown man, you cant be yelling like that LOL) its pure joy to see him out there playing again. Its what keeps him grounded.

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    Sigh...I miss these youth sports things most of all I think. Yes, it is a pain having to run them all over to the practices and games but they are grown so fast.

    I still remember the days of football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. With 2 or 3 playing all at once! I miss it soooo much.

    I am counting the days until Keyana is old enough to start playing...lol.

    She has a mean throwing arm and kick a ball with the best of them. Plus she loves to jump and dance. Im not sure if we have the next dancer, gymnast or first female pitcher in the MLB. LMAO.
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    It ends. My youngest just finished his last year (8th grade) of football where I have to drive. You will miss it. Enjoy it while it lasts, be glad you're able to do this for him. Keep remebering it's finite, and he loves it. -Alyssa
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    I kinda sorta miss soccer season in Fall and softball in Spring - I had such a nice time catching up with other parents, chit chatting and screaming myself into laryngitis!! Sports seemed simpler then, however.

    I salesman I met yesterday told me his grandson had to show up for 'dress' practice on Thanksgiving morning, 6 AM!! For High school!! I think that's ridiculous.

    I actually gasped and said, "If those were my kids, they wouldn't have been there!"

    He whined a little and said, "Why not??"

    I said, "Because its a holiday weekend which is equal to vacation in my mind, so no sports except the kind you watch on tv."

    He said that I was out of line and that if my kids were on the team, they'd have been kicked off anyway for not showing up.

    Do kids get kicked off teams for missing a practice over holiday/vaca?? OMG.

    Deb, you're such a go-getter!