Just when life was looking good....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mom2oddson, Oct 1, 2008.

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    ....things start spinning out of control.

    And difficult child isn't the problem. It's my daughter! She is converting to a difficult child now. After having her BiPolar (BP) under control for a couple of years now, she's losing it. I don't know if it's because she's turning 16, because she started high school this year or what is going on. I don't know if she's having trouble dealing with her easy child big brother being off at college and not here to talk to. I don't know if difficult child being gone for a year and not having anything to do with any of us is effecting her. There have been so many changes in her life that it can't be easy.

    She's really getting depressed. She hates the way she looks, she hates her school, she's decided that she's too fat, therefore she's refusing to eat. At least, if I set food in front of her, she does eat it. She says she has no friends, yet she's always in the middle of a text conversation with friends and has withdrawals if she can't get to her MySpace to talk to her friends.

    I'm really hoping that it's just a case of teenagerism acting up. But, just in case, she's got back-to-back appointments in a couple of weeks with both of her docs. And the bright side is that she set up the appointments and is willing to have her medications adjusted. These are good things.

    Anyone who's dealt with BiPolar (BP), what can I do to help her? What can I expect? She's not suicidal at the moment. At least she's telling me that she's not seriously thinking about taking her life, but that she thinks life stinks and really doesn't know the point of living it. This is scary stuff. And I'm at a total loss. Any suggestions?

    Oh, and my home computer has bit the dust, so I have to use the work one. So, I'll only be around before work and during lunch. But, thank you for listening. The only thing keeping me from losing it is knowing that I can come here for help and support. Thanks.
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    I am sorry she is struggling. I hope it is just teenage angst, but it does sound like more to me. I'm glad you know to keep your eye on things. Hope the doctor appts are helpful and she is back to feeling good about herself.
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    Sounds like she knows she is having problems and is doing what she can to help herself. Hopefully, the docs will be able to help her.

    Some of it is being teenager. For some, starting high school is the beginning of a great adventure. For others, it is downright frightening -- you're on your way to adulthood and you know you're not nearly ready. Add to that all the changes in the home and you have a young woman who has good reason to be sad and scared.

    I have no advice on how to really help her other than to just be there for her for now. Maybe her docs will have some advice for you.