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    things are clicking along nicely.

    I had to go out of town for training this last week. As such husband took some time off and went and did some training also (easy child went too). For some reason I decided to touch base with the Department of Juvenile Justice person in charge of gfg2s case and he told me we had court on Wednesday. I said that husband and I would be out of town and would not be able to participated by phone. I told him that it was work related. He called the judge to see if we could get it postponed. He called back and said that the judge said no. So we called the attorney for difficult child 2 and asked if he would request it. Evidentally when both gentleman got to court on Wednesday they asked again for it to be rescheduled. Because difficult child 2 does it by phone and he wanted us to be there. Nope judge wouldn't do it. Even after the Department of Juvenile Justice pointed out that would had done all that we should all this time and this was a first for us. In 3 years of difficult child 2 and the 2 years previous of difficult child 1 that we had never asked for a continuance. Judge said NO. Then to top this off the judge said that the hearings would now only be yearly and guess what this training that I went to is yearly at this time of year. I am going to be on the phone with everyone pointing out that this is inexcusable.

    Top that with the fact that we had wanted to set up a time with gfg1s group home leader and her case worker. husband had explained we would be out of town this last week. When I got home last night an email had been sent saying they set it up for Monday (yes this Monday). The email said that they realized that it "might" be hard for us to be there after our "vacation" this week but that we could be included by conference call. Um no. First that wasn't a darn vacation. I was in training for work. husband was in training for his volunteer stuff. Nope not a vacation. Yeah he took time off of his regular job to do it but soooo not a vacation. And come Monday they are darn right we won't be able to be there. After a week out of the office (and getting ready for another one this time really vacation time) I can't take time off to drive three hours there and three hours back plus the meeting. husband can't either. Plus we will both be at our seperate work places. I am beyond angry on this.

    I didn't work much of any job during the bulk of the time that we dealt with weekly trips to one or the other difficult children. I just coordinated 5 lives and did some volunteer work. Then as things slowed down I added a job I didn't like much but it was income and they would let me have the time off when I needed it. Now even with the rocky start to the position I am in I LOVE what I do now. I have not asked for accomodations for me in any of this. After six years I finally have a life outside of being defined a mom. I don't want the mom part to go away but dang is it too much to ask that they be willing to work with us.

    I am trying to decide if an email or calling the group home worker is going to be best as I am not sure I will keep my cool on the call. But I WILL NOT take the chance of husband dealing with it.
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    Good lord...they wont even do a continuance with a court date? I cant tell you how many times the defense or prosecution has done a continuance just because some lawyer or witness or judge or someone just had a minor problem they had to deal with and I got told to go home after I already was IN court! No phone call to let me know not to waste my time showing up. Heck many times it was me as the person bringing charges and the defendant didnt show up! I am livid for you. They should accommodate you at least once.
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    That just seems so ridiculous! Who on earth ever said anything about a vacation? Somebody sure got their wires crossed. Sounds like the judge has some control issues... I hope you can get this resolved.
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    Oh brother. I'd be livid.

    Hope it can get straightened out. Does sound like the judge has some control issues going on.