Just when you thought it was safe!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by daralex, Jan 30, 2008.

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    difficult child goes ahead and does something insane! She lost her phone and had been using mine at night until replacement can be obtained (whole nother story in and of itself) I get a call at 2am from difficult child that tells me to come pick her up from a location 3 miles from home.( I could have sworn she was in her room!!!!) I see flashing lights up ahead in the distance and call to ask her if she's nearby - of course she is - right where the police are too!!!!!! I get no info from the cops except who she was with and that the other kids vandalized a sign but that she was "not involved" and I could take her home. She was half dressed (shorts and a t-shirt - yes we're in SC but still chilly here at the moment) We were doing so great the past 2 weeks or so and now it's like starting from scratch!!!
    I did not yell - to my surprise I said I had to absorb the experience before I said anything and was glad she called me and that I would pick her up anywhere no matter what at any time (mind you also if they said she had done anything I would have told them to keep her!!). Needless to say she is without phone now and I will have to "punish" her for her actions. I am so ******!!!!!!!!!!!! which I didn't convey to her at the moment as to not cause another blowout. So what do I do now? Am I supposed to bolt the door shut when I go to bed? Sleep on the couch so she can't get past the fornt door? As far as I know she never snuck out like this before but am probably sorely mistaken. I am so disapointed after such a good run to have to deal with this! The girl she was with has always been a source of problems so no more contact with her but easier said than done! I homeschool my difficult child and have tabs on her at all times (or so I thought). Just when you thought it was safe - they go and do this - so frustrated - so at the end of my rope!
    boyfriend is signing up on his own to have his own postings and now (as he lies sleeping I will have to explain what happened so I would expect many postings from him soon as well, thankfully!!)
    She mad me more sad than angry tonight and I feel like I just can't take a breath. I'm trying to keep my cool and handle things correctly - but half of me wants to ring her neck. Her actions made me so very sad and frsutrated this evening and am at a loss. What am I supposed to do now?
    How did things ever get this bad? i feel so lost! I am crying and feel like nothing i do will ever make things ok. how am I supposed to fix this? How do I make her understand? Thanks for listening!!!
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    Wondering why she has your cell phone at night? Do you work nights and not have a home phone? Sorry that I don't remember.

    Pretty good chance she's done this before. I would suggest going to radio shack and getting window alarms on her windows and an extrenal door alarm on her bedroom door. Her bedroom door is to be shut at night when she goes to bed. Don't think these things are too terribly expensive.

    It is extrememly dangerous for a 13 year old to be out like this at night. Hop on it today and make sure she has come clear consequences for last night. Like no social life for a minimum of one week. School/home period.

  3. daralex

    daralex Clinging onto my sanity

    No home phone - she grabbed mine of the coffee table when she left i guess (No, that won't be accesable to her again!) Thanks for the radio shack tip - I didn't know they sell stuff like that. Part of me wanted to cry for fear of what could have happened to her and the other part of me wanyed to beat her a**. She is still sleeping and I ma thankful!!