K Graduate's on Friday...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well she will have done 18 days in psychiatric hospital. Because the psychiatrist is taking her on as a patient he feels she is ready to go. She has shown that she is capable of doing really well in this kind of setting. They love her.
SHe has seen that she is capable of making friends, that there are kids like her!!! That even though she might be mad, upset or whatever she has to take full responsibility for her actions and desicions. The tough love has actually been good for her. She has responded well to our modifying the time outs.
We give her a warning, and then it is timeout... even for anxiety. It is not seen as a bad thing it is a chance for her to decompress, get control of herself. She does not do the timeout untilt she stops screaming or yelling, whatever. I don't time them I just wait for her to calm down and regain her composure. Then we talk about what caused her to be asked to sit and chill out? I ask how she was feeling, why. She needs to answer,what she can do to avoid this next time. I don't get mad at her and I drop it when she is calm and after we discuss it. I also stay where she can see me so she knows I am not abandoning her... that she can never do anything that bad to make me leave.
So far it is working!!!

We are still playing the medication game... Abilify is making me, angry... She is hearing voices again, her TD is getting worse. psychiatrist is thinking about all of this today. He thinks he wants her on a AP... Geodon, Seroquel... He said he likes Geodon better.
He also want to up her Strattera to 18mg.
Everyone is saying he is very invested in these kids. They told me I could call them anytime I want and join in on the parent meetings anytime also.
Once the miscommunication was figured out, I must say I have felt really good about the people and this program.

I am kind of sad to be leaving, it feels like such a safe place for her. But I feel good that we will still have psychiatrist!!!

Now just to start the battle with N... can't find a pre-school.


I'm so glad it's working for you guys. And very glad to hear that you have a psychiatrist lined up that you can count on.

Way to go :warrior: !!!


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I am so happy K did so well there........Seems like there were/are a lot of positives she will be taking away.

The medication game, in my opinion, is a constant! I never feel like we have my difficult children medications tweeked to 100%......maybe someday.

Again - Congrats!


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:smile: sounds like this was a positive experience for K. And you guys get to keep a psychiatrist you feel really confident about.

Good luck with the preschool search for N.


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Glad to hear things have gone so well for K! :flower: I'm glad you really like the psychiatrist!