Katrina Cottages...Lowe's is selling them!


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I think this is SO cool! :thumb: Yesterday in the paper they featured "Katrina Cottage" kits that are being sold at Lowes
(and probably other places too) as quick safe housing suitable for beginner ownership or for vacation houses. We fear that with
the real estate market, easy child/difficult child may not have housing available away from us.....and when we croak, our home will be sold.

If you go to the Lowes web site you can look at the designs. I
like the little one (around 699 sq. ft??) that is designed to expand to around 1100 sq. ft. later. They all have porches.

No..they don't say how much the plans & kit cost. Does anyone know? I am going to go see tomorrow. What do you think? DDD


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I am thinking this might be a perfect solution to a little apt in back for my son someday - and - someday soon, might I add! Keep me posted about the details! Sounds cool!


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Looks like the plans/blueprints cost $700. That does NOT include any materials or land costs.

They sure are cute and for a small family or singles would be a great solution to affordable housing....wonder if this is what Paris Hilton is talking about building for women just released from prison.....just kidding.....


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I wonder if Lowe's offers a no payment-no interest plan for ten or twenty years!!!!!!! LOL! DDD


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I just went and looked at them online. How cute! Jamie is trying to find affordable housing up where he is at and I suggested he go look into this because if he could find a piece of land we could really do the building for him. He has enough construction workers in his family to do the actual work for him. I think he may come out cheaper with this than even a mobile home if we do it ourselves.


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Janet, it is supposedly designed for storm safety so that it is
preferable to a mobile home. I like the idea that some are very
small but designed to add on to later..when you have the money.
We (that's a lie....dream on) uh, I was thinking that easy child/difficult child if
he isn't able to move on before long could start off with the 700
sq. ft. with a little help and then if and when he is able to be
more independent he could add on. Really with a patio on the side 700 sq. ft. would be fine for one or two. The bigger models
are cuter but I couldn't survive worrying about him falling off
the loft! LOL! DDD