Kids running amock in YOUR shop? Try this

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Mar 9, 2008.

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    I love that.

    There was a shop - a coffee shop or deli type place - that put up a sign that children are welcome if they use their inside voices...or something along those lines. Of course, people were up in arms about that and one woman even interviewed on CNN about how inappropriate that sign was. :rolleyes:

    Come on. I have children, too. I have a difficult child, even. It's not my idea of a good time to go somewhere to relax or visit with friends and not be able to because someone's kid is running amok. If my child did that, we would leave. Everyone else in the place shouldn't have to be disturbed because my child is out of control - whether because of illness or lack of supervision.

    I can't tell you how many times out shopping I've put down my items and left the store with difficult child.
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    lmao!!!! Too funny!
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    I think giving those unruly kids a free espresso and a puppy is wrong because the store owner is rewarding the kids' bad behavior.
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    Ivan, it's a joke. Making the kid run even more wild with espresso and giving the kid a puppy would be punishing the parents. It's a joke to tell parents that it's unacceptable in their store.
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    Where I bowl the sign says "Unattended children will be sold as slaves." The problem was, nobody would buy mine.
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    Pure genius.
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    husband sent me this image a few days ago, he regularly gets some great jokes sent to him. I like it - I might make a couple of these signs for our local shops.

    Something maybe not so funny when you think about it - this new gadget being trialled in London, I believe. difficult child 3 watched the TV educational programs and the Aussie kids news program, "Behind The News" featured this story a couple of weeks ago.

    This link has the transcript. The Barry Manilow stuff was funny, but I think the Mosquito is a breach of human rights, it can damage ears in young children and babies, whose mothers may not know it's there.

    If you have time, have a look round that website. It's good for adults as well, it takes news stories and treats them in a balanced way, in a form kids can follow. I've known adults to watch this and understand current affairs much better. It's been great for difficult child 3's education.

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    One store here really did give kids coffees. Iced, but they would send them out with it. Drove parents nuts. It was a nice place to go without your kids though.

    MAny stores here have the espresso and a puppy signs. I only know of the one who really did it though. And no puppies. My kids thought they would get one, so they begged to go after a friend told them about the sign. difficult child thought it was a way to force me to let him get a puppy. LOL!!!!! He insisted, so I made him drinka bit of the coffee - He hates it still!

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    Wouldn't work on difficult child 3, he loves coffee. Marg and I only let him have decaf though.

    The thought of him and caffeine... (shudder!!!)

    Marg's Man
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    That is so funny. When I go to a shop or restaurant or cafe that is more adult oriented, without my kids, I have to say I get annoyed at parents who allow their kids to run around unsupervised while they browse or eat & chat with friends. I'm almost embarrassed to say it LOL, since I have a difficult child who has made noise in places before, but I always took him out if he was being disruptive that way. It's something I get to enjoy very seldom, being without kids, that I'm probably not as tolerant as I usually am about other people's kids running amock.
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    I can handle the running amok stuff in public far better than I can endure it on my turf. I really hate it when parents visit with their kids, and just let them wander through my house, and then act all offended if I walk away from the conversation to see what little Jayden is doing with my antique bone china collection...

    I still shudder at the memory of the mother of easy child 2/difficult child 2's friend from school who was extremely determined to come to our house even after I had said no, it was not convenient because I was not well and husband had a bad sprained ankle, and who then let her profoundly autistic son wander through my house chewing on everything including difficult child 3's new toys, while difficult child 3 grew increasingly agitated and hysterical. I was already doing her an immense favour by letting her daughter stay overnight, against my better judgement. She would take no hints; when I finally said, "I'd better give you a lift back to the ferry, it's almost 6 pm," she calmly said, "Oh, I'm planning on catching the next one."

    I had to say, "6 pm is the last chance ferry, after that you're stranded and the B & Bs in this town are all booked up. And expensive anyway. And with your daughter staying, we're all out of floor space."

    She moved fast after that one. So did I - but as it was, she nearly missed the ferry. Cow.

    The next time she asked if her daughter could come and stay (only his time she wanted her to stay with us for a long weekend, and our girls weren't really friends any more) I happily said no.

    Whenever I see uncontrolled kids in public, I just cast my mind back to that horrendous afternoon of my trying to entertain this kid or chasing him around our house while this woman obliviously chatted to my husband in his armchair, his leg bandaged and up on a footstool. And I feel so much happier knowing I'm out in public, and they're not my problem.

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    I love it!
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    LOL! The thought's supposed to make you shudder! And keep the kids in tow! ;)